Monday, August 31

"Gymnasty" Week #1 ------------------- 1. Mobility and Activation (~10:00) 2. Strict Gymnastic Benchmark (~20:00) 3. Olympic Technique A (~7:00) 4. Olympic Technique B (~6:00) 5. Olympic Technique C (~5:00) 6. Conditioning (~15:00) ACTIVATION 1 Round for Quality: 250 Meter Row 15 Banded Pull Aparts 8 Snatch Grip Push Press 8 Overhead Squats 8 Drop Snatch

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

[On the 0:00] Max Unbroken Strict Handstand Push-ups [On the 2:00] Max Unbroken Strict Pull-ups [On the 5:00] AMRAP 4: 1 Pausing Strict Handstand Push-up 1 Pausing Strict Pull-up 2 Pausing Strict Handstand Push-ups 2 Pausing Strict Pull-ups … Add 1 Rep Per Round [On the 10:00] AMRAP 4: 1 Pausing Ring Dip 1 Pausing Ring Row 2 Pausing Ring Dips 2 Pausing Ring Rows … Add 1 Rep Per Round We will begin the day on a running clock that will take us through our first 4 pieces This strict gymnastics piece begins our new cycle: "Gymnasty" The max strict handstand push-ups will fatigue the shoulders which will have an effect on the strict pull-ups that follow We will pause for once second with our chin over the bar in the pausing strict pull-up We will pause for one second at the bottom of the rep for the strict handstand push-ups Record your reps for each of the 4 sections Your final score will be all 4 of these rep numbers added together SUBS STRICT HANDSTAND PUSH-UP Box Handstand Push-ups Standard Push-ups Dual Dumbbell Strict Press STRICT PULL-UP Banded Strict Pull-up Ring Row Bent Over Row

Metcon (Weight)

Olympic Technique A [On the 0:00] 7 Minutes to Build to a Moderate Complex: 1 + 1/4 Overhead Squat 1 Overhead Squat We'll start a new running clock for the next 3 lifting pieces [0:00-18:00] When we say 'build to a moderate,' we are working to a weight that may challenge us slightly, but should result in a made lift over 90% of the time The 1+1/4 overhead squat flows like this: Squat to the bottom Stand up a quarter of the way Squat to the bottom Stand to full extension The complex is designed to be completed unbroken Take the barbell out of a rack for each set

Snatch Balance (Olympic Technique B [On the 7:00])

6 Minutes to Build to a Moderate Complex: 2 Snatch Balances We will continue to use the same running clock here, immediately following our previous piece We will build to a moderate double snatch balance Again, this should be a weight that we should hit nearly every time, but heavy enough to make us focus on our technique

High-Hang Snatch (Olympic Technique C [On the 13:00])

5 Minutes to Build to a Moderate Complex: 1 High-Hang Squat Snatch This is our last piece utilizing that same running clock Again, we are building to a moderate weight After the previous two pieces, speed and stability under the bar should carry over here Going from the hang, the bar may have a tendency to pull us forward To prevent that, keep a balanced foot and focus on getting the bar to move straight up instead of out

Empty Calories (Time)

27-21-15-9: Row Calories Overhead Squats (95/65) This descending rep scheme workout combines rowing with light overhead squats for an effective couplet The lighter weight allows for bigger sets, which enables you to rest very little and maintain a higher intensity Your score is the total time it takes to complete the workout The intended time range for this shorter piece is between 6-10 minutes SUBS ROW Equal Calorie Any Machine (To Maintain Rep Scheme) Equal Rep 10-Meter Shuttle Runs

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