Tuesday, February 18

"Grunt Work" Week 3 ------------------- Gymnastic and conditioning focus today for our Tuesday. 1. Mobility and Activation (~10:00) 2. Strict Handstand Push-ups (~10:00) 3. Handstand Walking (~10:00) 4. Conditioning: "The Undertaker" (~20:00) Extra 5. Aerobic Capacity (~15:00) ACTIVATION 8 Minutes For Quality: 30 Second Front Plank 60 Seconds Row or Bike 20 Second Handstand Hold on Wall 60 Single Unders 10 Push-ups

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

On the 1:30 x 5 Sets: 1 Set of Handstand Push-ups Rx+ Strict The goal is consistency across rounds here, as the score is the lowest of the 5 rounds Pick a number of unbroken strict handstand push-ups that you think you can sustain for 5 rounds For Example: It might be you goal to hold 5 sets of 9 across the board Rounds begin every 90 seconds (0:00 - 1:30 - 3:00 - 4:30 - 6:00) You can expect to have about a minute of rest between each set of strict handstand push-ups Choose a variation that allows you to complete at least 5 reps per set SUBS Feet on Box or Bench (Reduces Weight Being Pressed) Video Double Dumbbell Strict Press

Handstand Walk Biathlon (Time)

For Time (10 Minute Cap): 300' Handstand Walk Every Break: 3 Ring Muscle-ups We’ll use a 50’ course for today’s "Handstand Walk Biathlon" Every time you break short of 50 feet, you’ll complete 3 Ring Muscle-ups If you make it to 50 feet, you do not have to complete the 3 Ring Muscle-ups Your score is the total time it takes to complete the 300’ Handstand Walk and any Ring Muscle-up penalties you may incur There is a 10 minute cap on this workout If you hit the cap, put 10:00 as your score and note total handstand walk distance covered RING MUSCLE-UPS Choose a ring muscle-up number or variation that allows you to complete an unbroken "penalty set" each time HANDSTAND WALK If 50’ is a long distance for you, we can scale back volume by modifying the minimum walking distance to something shorter like 25’ You could also reduce the total workout volume to 200’, 150’, or 100’ feet for time with a 25’ minimum walking distance SUBS HANDSTAND WALK Reduce Total Distance Reduce Minimum Walking Distance (For Penalty) 30 Seconds Handstand Weight Shifting (Per 50’) - http://youtu.be/OAfvOJUovdg 30 Seconds Box Shoulder Taps (Per 50’) - http://youtu.be/F2IH6omfYec RING MUSCLE-UPS Reduce Reps Banded Strict Ring Muscle-up Drill Jumping Ring Muscle-ups

The Undertaker (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 13: Buy-In: 60/45 Cal Bike Directly Into… 5 Deadlifts (245/165) 15 AbMat Sit-ups 25 Double Unders Rx+ 275/185 This 13-minute workout begins with a buy-in effort on the Bike Erg The buy-in happens only once during the workout If Athlete is rowing, Row 1000 meters We expect the bike to take between 3:30-5:00, leaving roughly 8:00-10:00 for the scored portion The scored portion of the workout is the total rounds and reps of deadlift, sit-up, and double under triplet DEADLIFTS We’re moving a moderate barbell load for 5 reps each round Choose a weight that you see yourself going unbroken with throughout the workout DOUBLE UNDERS These double under sets are intended to be very small and quick Choose a number or variation that allows you to complete the work unbroken or in under 30 seconds


Metcon (Distance)

2,000 Meter Tempo Row 0-200: 2k Pace + :20 201-400: 2k Pace + :10 401-600: 2k Pace 601-800: 2k Pace + :10 801-1000: 2k Pace + :20 1001-1200: 2k Pace + :10 1201-1400: 2k Pace 1401-1600: 2k Pace + :10 1601-1800: 2k Pace + :20 1801-2000: Recovery We’ll work three different gears in this 2,000 meter tempo row, switching speeds every 200 meters These gears are based off your pace per 500 from your most recent 2,000 meter row for time For Example: If your most recent 2k Row Time Trial finish is 8:00, your pace per 500 would be 2:00 Therefore, your three gears would be: 2k Pace + :20 = 2:20 2k Pace + :10 = 2:10 2k Pace = 2:00

Click Here - https://www.concept2.com/files/pdf/us/training/Training_PaceChart.pdf to see a chart where you can calculate your 2k Row pace per 500 If you have never done a 2k Row Time Trial, estimate your time and calculate paces based on the chart listed above The final 200 meters of the workout (1801-2000) should completed at a very easy recovery pace There is no rest between paces, you’ll row for 2,000 meters straight Record paces used in notes section

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