Tuesday, February 11

"Grunt Work" Week 2 --------------------------------- A gymnastic and conditioning focus today after a heavy Monday. 1. Mobility and Activation (~10:00) 2. Gymnastic Skill (~20:00) 3. "Swole Cycle" (~20:00) Extra 4. Row Conditioning (~20:00) 2 Rounds 10 Calorie Row 10 Ring Rows 2 Rounds 60 Second Single Arm Dumbbell Farmers Carry (30 Seconds Each Side) 30 Second Superman Hold Video 2 Rounds 20 Air Squats 5 Inchworms

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)

5 Rounds: 2:30 Machine of Choice Choice From One of the Below Option 1: 1 Strict Ring Muscle-up 3 Kipping Ring Muscle-ups 5 Strict Ring Dips Option 2: 40-50% Max Ring Muscle-ups Option 3: 4 Pull-ups 3 Toes to Bar 2 Chest to Bar Pull-up 1 Bar Muscle-up Alternating between a light effort on a machine and a gymnastic skill of your choice The goal of the machine is to create an active rest station, where you'll move at a pace that allows you to work through a big set of gymnastics

There are 3 options for the gymnastics skill: Option 1: 1 Strict Muscle-up + 3 Kipping Ring Muscle-ups + 5 Strict Ring Dips Option 2: 40-50% of Max Ring Muscle-ups (Example: Max Set of 10 = 4-5 Reps) Option 3: 4 Pull-ups + 3 Toes to Bar + 2 Chest to Bar Pull-up + 1 Bar Muscle-up Choose an option or adjust the reps to ideally complete the gymnastics unbroken There is no score as far as time goes, as the goal is to simply spend time working on these skills Note what complex you completed and any adjustment you made as your score SUBS Strict Ring Muscle-up Banded Strict Ring Muscle-up Drill Ring Muscle-ups Jumping Ring Muscle-up Reduce Percentages Strict Ring Dips Banded Ring Dips Chest to Bar Pull-ups Reduce Reps Banded Chest to Bar Pull-ups Pull-ups Reduce Reps Banded Pull-ups Toes to Bar Reduce Reps Knees to Elbow / Chest / Waist Bar Muscle-ups Banded Bar Muscle-ups Jumping Bar Muscle-ups

Swole Cycle (AMRAP - Reps)

8 Rounds of 20 Seconds On / 10 Seconds Off: Strict Pull-ups Assault Bike Calories Strict Handstand Push-ups Assault Bike Calories The strict movements are the focus of this 4-station tabata workout You'll complete all 8 rounds at the strict pull-ups before moving to the 8 rounds of assault bike, and so on… Your score at the end of the 16 minutes is the total reps completed during your work stations Enter total reps at each station and SugarWOD will add them up for you Choose strict pull-up and strict handstand push-up variations that allow you to complete at least 5 reps during the 20 second work windows On the strict movements, try to move for the as much of the work window as possible without feeling like you're hitting a wall If you get to failure early on, it will be fairly difficult to come back from, even with the 10 seconds of rest Below are some potential strategies from the strict movements: Pick a goal number for each of the 20 seconds windows (for example 5 reps x 8 rounds = 40 total reps) Work for 15 seconds straight, then rest for 15 seconds (gives you 5 more seconds of rest) Try to get in 2 quick sets during the 20 second work window (10 on, 5 off, 5 on) Work for all 20 seconds if you think that is sustainable Find a moderate-fast pace on the bike that you could see yourself holding for 5 minutes straight Settle into a pre-determined RPM or Wattage and make it your goal to stay there


Metcon (Time)

3 x 40/27 Calorie Row Rest 1:30 Between 3 x 30/21 Calorie Row Rest 1:30 Between 3 x 18/15 Calorie Row Rest 1:30 Between Increasing our calories slightly over last week's intervals Let's aim to try to beat our last completion time, despite the increased workload Record your times (not including rest) for all 9 rounds Your final score is the sum total of time spent rowing

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