Tuesday, January 14

"Silverback" Week 9 After a barbell intensive Monday, a no-barbell-Tuesday. Focusing on gymnastics today. 1. Activation (~10:00) 2. Strict Gymnastics (~20:00) 3. Conditioning: "Part Time" (~20:00) *Extra 4. Midline (~10:00) ACTIVATION Bike or Row Warmup 1 Round: 3 Minutes Easy 2 Minutes Moderate 1 Minute Moderate-Hard 2 Rounds 30 Seconds Each: Hollow Hold Samson Stretch Superman Hold Spiderman + Reach

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

Minutes 0-5: 3 Tempo Negative Strict Handstand Push-ups 5 Strict Toes to Bar Minutes 5-10: 1 Wall Walk 1 Gymnastic Complex: 1 Strict Chest to Bar Pull-up 1 Strict Pull-up 1 Kipping Pull-up 1 Chest to Bar Pull-up 1 Bar Muscle-up Minutes 10-15: 5 Strict Ring Dips 5 Pausing Ring Rows Working through three different 5-minute windows of strict gymnastics and gymnastics skills to start the day These are to be completed AMRAP style, but with a focus on quality over how many total rounds you complete Minutes 0-5: Tempo Negative Strict Handstand Push-ups: 3 Seconds Down, Fast Up Strict Toes to Bar: Control Legs Down to Prevent Swinging https://youtu.be/-ZRG5qQYmgs Minutes 5-10: **Wall Walk: **Goal is Nose to Wall: https://youtu.be/G-sbM2EBN5Q Gymnastics Complex: Aim is to complete a challenging, but not max effort, gymnastic set. Option as an example: * 1 Strict Pull-Up * 2 Kipping Pull-Up * 3 CTB Pull-Ups The goal is to choose a complex that challenges us, but one we feel comfortable completing multiple sets with inside the time domain. Minutes 10-15: Strict Ring Dips: Choose Variation You Can Complete in 1-2 Sets Pausing Ring Rows: Pause 3 Seconds with Chest on Rings SUBSTITUTIONS Tempo Negative Strict Handstand Push-ups Reduce Reps Feet on Box or Bench (Reduces Weight Being Pressed) Tempo Negative Double Dumbbell Strict Press Strict Toes to Bar Reduce Reps Feet as High as Possible (Without Swinging) Wall Walk Legs as High as Comfortable Gymnastic Complex Banded Pull-ups & Muscle-ups Jumping Pull-ups & Muscle-ups Strict Ring Dips Reduce Reps Banded Strict Ring Dips Jumping Negative Ring Dips (Jump to Lockout & Slowly Lower Down)

Part Time (Time)

3 Rounds: 12 Burpees Over Dumbbell 18 Pull-ups Directly Into… 3 Rounds: 12 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (60/40) 18/12 Calorie Bike or Row Rx+ Chest to Bar Pullup, 70/50 *Don't Drop Dumbbells from Overhead We'll complete two couplet workouts with no rest between All 3 rounds of the burpees and chest to bars should be completed before moving on to the snatches and bike Expecting this conditioning piece to take around 12-20 minutes to complete Burpees The burpees are to be completed lateral over the dumbbell There is no need to stand to full extension, but the feet should pass over the top of the dumbbell each time Chest to Bar Pull-ups Choose a variation or rep scheme that allows you to complete the 18 reps in at least sets of 3-5 during the workout Dumbbell Snatches Alternate arms every rep, completing 6 on each side This should be a slightly heavier weight, but something that you could complete at least 12 reps unbroken when fresh


Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)

3 Giant Sets: 10 Slow Ring Mountain Climbers 30 Seconds Ring Plank Hold Both movements in our midline piece today will be completed on the gymnastics rings Place your feet/hands on a bench as needed if your rings do not get low to the ground These 3 Giant Sets are for quality over speed, so break up reps or time in the plank as needed A 'Giant Set' means you'll move directly from the Slow Ring Mountain Climbers to the Ring Plank Hold and rest as needed following the second station For the 10 Slow Ring Mountain Climbers, you'll rest the tongue of your shoe on the inside of the ring Slowly move your legs back and forth in a controlled manner, completing 5 reps on each side The goal on both of these is to keep the core engaged, body straight, and arms locked See below for demo videos of both movements: Slow Ring Mountain Climbers: https://youtu.be/v1Xbkxb12vE Ring Plank Hold: https://youtu.be/NKqBduzQSho

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