Thursday, December 5

"Silverback" Week 3: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Three parts today: 1. Strict Gymnastics 2. Clean Technique 3. Intervals, the heart of our day, with "Low Tide" ACTIVATION 2 Sets: 1 Minute Row 30 Second Hollow Hold 45 Second Row 30 Second Superman Hold 30 Second Row 30 Second Wall Squats Barbell Warmup 5 Good Mornings 5 Back Squats 5 Elbow Rotations 5 Strict Press & Reach 5 Romanian Deadlifts 5 Front Squats

Metcon (Time)

0:00 - 6:00 :20 Second Wall-Facing Handstand Hold 2 Strict Ring Muscle-ups (Or Banded Strict) 6:00 - 12:00 1 Strict Chest to Bar Pull-up + 15' Handstand Walk 2 Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups + 15' Handstand Walk 3 Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups + 15' Handstand Walk 12:00 - 18:00 25 Double Unders :15 Second L-Sit on Rings 5 Tempo Ring Rows (1 Second Up, 5 Seconds Down) STIMULUS These 6-minute windows of gymnastics work are designed to be completed AMRAP style, but for quality over speed For Example: Once you finish the 2 strict ring muscle-ups, you'll work back to the :20 Wall-Facing Handstand Hold See below for subs for each movement SUBSTITUTIONS Wall Facing Handstand Hold Reduce Time Strict Ring Muscle-ups Reduce to 1 Rep Banded Strict Ring Muscle-ups Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups Strict Chin Over Bar Pull-ups Banded Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups Handstand Walk Reduce Distance 30 Seconds of Handstand Walk Practice Practice 20 Seconds Handstand Weight Shifting 20 Seconds Box Shoulder Taps Double Unders Reduce Reps 30 Seconds of Double Under Practice 40 Single Unders L-Sit on Rings Reduce Time Hanging L-Sit (From Pull-up Bar) *18 min marks completion

Low Tide (3 Rounds for reps)

AMRAP 5: Buy-In: 700 Meter Row 7 Squat Cleans (95/65) 25 Double Unders Rest 5 Minutes AMRAP 5: Buy-In: 500 Meter Row 5 Squat Cleans (115/85) 25 Double Unders Rest 5 Minutes AMRAP 5: Buy-In: 300 Meter Row 3 Squat Cleans (135/95) 25 Double Unders Rx+ (115/85), (135/95), (165/115) Working through 3 fast-paced intervals with 5 minutes of rest between On each AMRAP, the row is the buy-in and only happens once After finishing the meters on the rower, you will complete as many rounds and reps of squat cleans and double unders The score for each interval is total rounds and reps of clean and double unders (row meters do not count towards score) ROW General Timeline For Each Buy-In Row: 700 Meters: ~3 Minutes (Leaves 2 Minutes for Cleans & Dubs) 500 Meters: ~2 Minutes (Leaves 3 Minutes for Cleans & Dubs) 300 Meters: ~1 Minute (Leaves 4 Minutes for Cleans & Dubs) If short on rowers or space, stagger athletes on opposite 5-minute windows DOUBLE UNDERS With such short time windows, we want to choose a double under rep number or variation that can be completed ideally unbroken SQUAT CLEANS The weights increase and reps decrease with each interval 1st Bar: Light Weight that You Can Complete 7 Reps Unbroken During Workout 2nd Bar: Light-Moderate Weight that You Can Complete 5 Reps in 1-2 Sets During Workout 3rd Bar: Moderate Weight that You Can Complete 3 Reps as Quick Singles or Small Sets During Workout STRATEGY ROW Since we're rowing for meters instead of calories, there isn't as big of a payoff in going faster as there is with calories For Example: * If we row 500 meters at a 2:00 vs. 1:55 - it's only a 5 second difference * If we row 50 calories at 1200 vs. 1000 Cal/Hr it's a 30 second difference That 5 second difference when rowing for meters can quickly be lost in one slow transition from rope back to the barbell


Tempo Clean Pull (6 x 2)

Clean Pull Demo:

These 6 sets of clean pull technique work are based on your 1RM or estimated 1RM Clean Reset on the ground as needed to maintain quality - these 2 reps do not have to be completed 'touch and go' Tempo: 5 Seconds to Jumping Position (Pockets) Followed By an Aggressive Shrug to Finish Tempo on 1st rep, no tempo on 2nd

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