Wednesday, September 4

Completing the same technique work as yesterday, this time with the clean instead of the snatch. After that, repeating a conditioning workout from the beginning of the "Sled Dog" cycle to track our progress. Finishing the day out with a 3% increase over last week on Deadlift Stamina. Mobility - Can complete before class Laying Front Rack Stretch: 2 Minutes Pike Stretch: 2 Minutes Kneeling Split: 1-2 Minutes Each Side Warmup 1 Round: 10 Walkouts 20 Glute Bridge 30 Air Squats 400 Meter Run 500 Meter Row

Hang Clean Pull (3 x 3)

Set 1: 60% Set 2: 65% Set 3: 70% Light loads are the intention on these 3 sets of 3, basing our percentages off your 1RM Clean Rest as needed between sets Use blocks or plated is preferred (knee level)

Hang Clean High Pull (3 x 3)

Set 1: 60% Set 2: 65% Set 3: 70% Light loads are the intention on these 3 sets of 3, basing our percentages off your 1RM Clean Rest as needed between sets Use Blocks or plates if preferred (knee level)

Hang Power Clean (2 Reps On the Minute x 8 Minutes)

Set 1: 50% Set 2: 53% Set 3: 56% Set 4: 59% Set 5: 62% Sets 6-8: 65% Lighter loads are the intention on these 8 sets, basing our percentages off your 1RM Power Clean Rest as needed between sets Use Blocks or Plates if preferred (knee level)

Fish out of Water (Time)

For Time: 2K Row Directly into 10 Rounds: 3 Power Cleans 6 Pushups 9 Air Squats Barbell Pounds - 155/105 In today's effort, we have two parts. A 2K row, which moves directly into 10 rounds of "The Chief", a complex involving 3 power cleans, 6 pushups, and 9 air squats. There is a single score - the time to completion of the full work load. For tracking, it may help to record our 2K time for future reference. Pacing wise, it is clear that we need to pace the 2K row (different than a max effort). The real question is, how much do we pace. Looking forward, the stimulus of the barbell loading is one that is on the moderately heavy side. One that we could cycle for 12+ repetitions unbroken, when completely fresh. Knowing that this, coupled with the pushups and air squats is more of a metabolic effort, we can dig into this row a fair amount. Le's visualize a pace of 2K race pace plus about :10-15s. It is still a reserved pace (finishing a good 45+ seconds slower than our 2K race pace), but this will allow us to push our efforts on the 10 rounds that follow. In these 10 rounds, as one can imagine, there are a good amount of transitions. This is where seconds can disappear very easily. Between the 10 rounds, there are a total of 30 transitions. We've all seen a "lazy" transition before, or a lengthy one where we take a trip to the chalk bucket. Only a handful of these transitions can compound to something very significant. And on the flip side, being disciplined with our transitions can save us 15-30s, without even noticing it. Inside those transitions, we are looking for a smooth, methodical pace. Most especially, on the air squats. These tend to be the pacer, affording us a chance to regulate our breathing, which tend to be more difficult on the cleans and pushups. Aim is to find a breathing pace, where each rep, we are forcing in a deep breath. Not to harp on the air squats excessively, but this is a combination that tends to butcher our movemen

Fish out of Water - Rx+ (Time)

For Time: 2k Row Directly Into... 10 Rounds: 2 Power Cleans (205/145) 4 Bar-Facing Burpees 8 Alternating Pistols

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