Wednesday, July 24

Week #4 of "Sled Dog" Three parts today" 1. Deadlift Stamina. An ascending ladder of reps, with a fixed load, we are resting just enough as needed to maintain unbroken sets. 2. Body Armor. Single arm dumbbell pressing, focusing on positions. 3. Conditioning. "Trail Blazer" is a triplet of running, double-unders and push presses at a moderate load. ACTIVATION 2 Rounds: 12 Light Calorie Assault Bike 12 Spidermans (6/each) 9 Moderate Calorie Assault Bike 50' Single Arm Overhead Carry (25' each) 6 Fast-ish Calorie Assault Bike 6 Inchworms

Deadlift (3-6-9-12-15)

3-6-9-12-15: Unbroken Deadlifts (60%) After each set, 30% of our Max Strict HSPU Barbell loaded at 60% of our estimated 1RM Deadlift. Inside this piece, we are looking to hang onto the barbell in an ascending repetiton scheme. What starts on fairly easy turns into a stamina play, where we resting just enough in order to get the next set unbroken. We are looking to complete both movements unbroken as well - deadlifts and strict HSPU. If we are not completing strict handstand pushups today, let's adjust to Handstand pushups, handstand hold, downward dogg pushups or regular pushups.

Metcon (Weight)

In a 5:00 Window: Unilateral Dumbbell Strict Press 7-Rep Heavy (each side) In a 5:00 Window: Unilateral Dumbbell Push Press 7-Rep Heavy (each side) Building to a heavy weight on each movement, with a full set being 7 reps completed on each side. Position and movement over loading here... let's have this bolster our overhead strengths, versus potentially ingrain poor habits. Not for tracked score, but make note to ourselves below how we felt.

Trail Blazer (Time)

3 Rounds: 800 Meter Run 80 Double-Unders 21 Push Presses Rx Barbell Pounds - 115/85 Rx+ 800m, 100 DU's, 21 Dumbell Push Presses 50s/35s Stimulus wise, we are looking for a moderate push press. One that we could cycle for 21+ reps unbroken when fresh if we had to. With that said, our rep counts in this workout are intended to push us a bit. Both are set at totals each round that are within reach, but may require a second set. At the very least, it's a chance to be aggressive with how we break this workout up, knowing we have a good distance on the run to recover. Pacing wise on the run, we are looking to first strategize in relation to our abilities on movements inside the gym. If we for example see ourselves having a good battle with the jump rope, let's ensure we're pacing the run enough so that we can bring our best there. If it's the opposite, and we are thinking large or unbroken sets, we can move towards what we feel would be a 5K race PR pace. Still reserved, but moving.

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