Tuesday, July 9

Week #2 of "Sled Dog". Full training cycle details will always live in the "Workout Prep Notes" below. Three parts today: 1. Gymnastic skills to start, pairing strict handstand pushups with handstand walking. 2. Conditioning, with higher skill gymnastics paired with a heavier dumbbell. 3. Midline to finish. ACTIVATION Alternating OTM x 8 (2 Rounds): 1- :50s Row or Bike 2 - :20s Deadhang, with 5-7 Scap Retractions + Wrist Stretches 3 - 16 Hollow Rocks 4 - 12 Suitcase Deadlifts (6/side) 5 - :45 sec Superman Pulse 3-2-1: Walkouts Spiderman + Reach After each set, 10-15s HS Hold Stretch Spend 3:00 on Practice: Handstand Weight Shifting

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)

Not for Time: 1:00 Light Row + 60% of Max Reps 1:00 Light Row + 50' HS Walk 1:00 Light Row + 50% of Max Reps 1:00 Light Row + 50' HS Walk 1:00 Light Row + 40% of Max Reps 1:00 Light Row + 50' HS Walk Not for time or score, a practice session coupling both the strict handstand pushup with handstand walking. The 1:00 row intervals are purely in place to slightly elevate our heart rate. Pacing wise, we should be at a relaxed, conversational pace. For males, somewhere in the range of 900-1000. For females, somewhere in the range of 825-925. Knowing our personal ability level on the movements, let's choose drills or movements that fit our needs. As options, dumbbell strict presses fit very well for strict handstand pushups. For the handstand walking, a full minute of practice on a drill we've been working on (even something as simple as a handstand hold against the wall, 2 sets of :15s each) fits well.

Run DMC (Time)

4 Rounds: 200 Meter Run, 8 Bar Muscle-Ups 200 Meter Run, 12 DB Power Snatches Dumbbell Pounds - 60/40 Rx+ 70/50 "Run DMC" alternates our "gym" movements. With higher skill gymnastics, and heavier loads on the DB snatches, the runs become our pacer, relative to our abilities inside the gym walls. If we thrive at Bar MU and heavier DB snatches, it becomes a matter of how much do we push the run. But unless we plan on completing all four rounds unbroken, we want to look at the run as a means to recover… allowing the aggressive push inside the gym. Purely for a visual, an extra break on the bar muscle-ups can last very easily 10 seconds. 10 seconds on a 200m run is a significant amount of effort. Placing our efforts inside the gym, where we are at risk of stopping is the first aim. Then we settle back to the run. As we plan out our efforts inside the gym, think through manageable sets. In a four round effort, pushing the limits early in such movements is a very risky move. We've all hit bar muscle-up failure, and minutes can slip by here. Knowing that we can keep our transitions short between breaks, let's break before we need to in these movements.


Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)

On the Minute x 9 (3 Rounds): Minute 1 - Strict TTB Minute 2 - GHD Static Hold - Belly Up (Supine) - http://youtu.be/zTikRBHZV4Y Minute 3 - Banded Good Mornings - http://youtu.be/7S-WOwmPY8E On all movements, we are not tracking a score or rep count. Aim is to use the minute to work/rest sets in, moving for technique and sound movement, and not for intensity. 2-3 sets in each minute fits very well. Click "Workout Prep Notes" for video demonstrations and a suggested modification for the Strict TTB.

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