Tuesday, July 23

Week #4 of "Sled Dog". Four parts today: 1. Gymnastic Conditioning 2. Power Clean Complex 3. Conditioning - "Nowhere Fast" 4. Midline Conditioning ACTIVATION Alternating OTM x 8 (1 Round): Odd - 1:00 Assault Bike, Row, Jog Even - Primer movement (see below) Round #1 - :20s Deadhang, with 5-7 Scap Retractions Round #2 - :30s Walkouts Round #3 - 10 Slow Suitcase Deadlifts, each side Round #4 - :30s Pausing Glute Bridges

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)

Not for Time: (12 Min Time Cap) :30s Light Bike/Row + 60% Max Ring Muscle-Ups :30s Light Bike/Row + 12 Strict Ring Dips :30s Light Bike/Row + 50% Max Ring Muscle-Ups :30s Light Bike/Row + 9 Strict Ring Dips :30s Light Bike/Row + 40% Max Ring Muscle-Ups :30sLight Bike/Row + 6 Strict Ring Dips If we are not completing ring muscle-ups today, which will be the vast majority of us, let's use today to build some strict strength. With the bike providing a small bit of breathing to our training here, it results in more realistic training. Not for Time: 1:00 Light Bike + 12 Strict Pull-Ups 1:00 Light Bike + 12 Strict Ring Dips 1:00 Light Bike + 9 Strict Pull-Ups 1:00 Light Bike + 9 Strict Ring Dips 1:00 Light Bike + 6 Strict Pull-Ups 1:00 Light Bike + 6 Strict Ring Dips The 12-9-6 is intended to be fixed, where we are encouraging the use of bands to meet the work requirements. We can absolutely modify the numbers, but we want to the repetitions today to spur the adaptation. Although 6-4-2 is entirely an option, the stimulus we are after today is the higher volume efforts - even if it means we are using bands or assistance to get there. Let's choose a challenging difficulty, but one that allows us to complete that first set in two sets or less (on both the strict pull-ups and strict ring dips).

Power Clean (5 x 4)

5 Sets of the Complex: 1 Hang Clean Pull 1 Hang Power Clean 1 Clean Pull 1 Power Clean Set #1 - 60% of 1RM Power Clean Set #2 - 64% of 1RM Power Clean Sets #3+4+5 - 68% of 1RM Power Clean A complex of a clean pull followed by a power clean, first at the hang, and then from the ground. Purpose behind such a complex is to focus on our extension through the ground. before we bend the arms, we're of course looking for our best power transfer from our posterior. Here, we can focus on finding that extension before confirming it with a full lift. Hang Clean Pull and Clean Pull In this movement, the arms stay long. As we move through this movement, visualize a full power clean. Visualize our full power moving into the bar… while we keep the arms extended. We're simply just not "finishing" the lift here, allowing us to focus purely on the aggressiveness of our extension coupled with the bar path. Weights are intended to stay on the moderate side so that we can focus on those critical points.

Nowhere Fast (Time)

For Time, with a 9:00 Time Cap: 50 Power Cleans On the Minute - 5 Toes to Bar Rx Barbell - 155/105 lb Rx+ Barbell - 185/135 The workout starts with 5 Toes to Bar. In the time remaining inside the minute, athletes work towards the 50 power clean total. At the turn of the minute, we return for 5 more Toes to Bar, cycling through this process until we either reach the 50 rep total, or the 9:00 time cap. Stimulus wise, we are looking for a load that we are very confident we could "touch and go" for at least 10 reps when fresh. Inside the workout, we may turn to fast singles from the onset, but it's a load that we can get back to our shoulders every time as soon as we get our hands on the bar. In an ideal situation, we are choosing a load that we are cycling for sets, further challenging ourselves with this combination. Lighter is better here, creating a far more potent workout. Strategy wise, workouts like this can bait us in. It's easy to fall victim to living inside that specific minute, feeling a sense of urgency to get as many reps as we can in before the next set of TTB. As in, too many reps. And we fall off hard. It would not be uncommon to see a rep breakup scheme that looks like this by the minute: 12-9-6-6-5-5-5-2 (8 minutes of work) 8-7-7-7-7-7-7 (7 minutes of work) If the athlete above slowed things down a bit in the opening rounds by opening with a single round of 8, and directly moving to 7's, it beats the former layout by round of TTB. Le's think through a sustainable pace for the duration, versus trying to maximize our reps in the early minutes. With the target being 50, and not 30, it's more a longevity piece than a sprint piece.


Metcon (Time)

27-24-21-18: Row/Bike Calories GHD Sit-Ups

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