Saturday, July 6

Final day to our first week inside "Sled Dog". Three parts to our Saturday: Barbell Cycling - A round of DT, OT2:30. "Nail Biter" - Our conditioning for the day. Midline to close. ACTIVATION 2:00 Bike/Row/Run Into 1 Round: 10 Pausing Glute Bridges 20 Abmat Sit-Ups 1:30 Bike/Row/Run Into 1 Round: :15s Superman Static Hold :15s Handstand Hold Stretch 1:00 Bike/Row/Run Into 2 Rounds: 5 Deadlifts 4 Hang Muscle Cleans 3 Strict Presses 25 Double-Unders All with an empty barbell.

Barbell Cycling DT Complex (On the 2:30 x 5)

On the 2:30 x 5: 12 Deadlifts 9 Hang Power Cleans 6 Push Jerks Set #1 - 55% of 1RM Clean and Jerk Set #2 - 60% Sets #3+4+5 - Build to a heavy for the day. Inside this complex, the repetitions do *not* need to be unbroken. But we are moving with a purpose here. Moving with the intentions to complete every round by the 1:00 mark. If we are exceeding that, we are going to heavy. Let's cycle, versus grind today.

Nail Biter (4 Rounds for reps)

4 Rounds: 1:00 - Toes to Bar 1:00 - Power Snatches 1:00 - Thrusters 1:00 - Calorie BikeRow 2:00 - Rest Barbell Pounds - 75/55 In effect, this is 4 rounds of 4:00 on / 2:00 off. Stimulus wise, we are looking for a light barbell today. One that we could cycle for 25+ repetitions unbroken, when completely fresh (power snatch and thruster). Scoring wise, we are looking at sum total across the four rounds. Let's enter each round total so that we can compare between our rounds to gauge our pacing. As we enter this workout, we are looking for consistency. Not just in round totals, but in movement totals. Beginning with the end in mind, let's aim to be so precise with our repetitions that we stay within 5 reps each movement. Better to err slightly on the lower side on average and hold it, than to go slightly too far and fall off. When we fall off, we don't know much to slow down. But if we are slightly under, we have a much better visualization on how much to speed up.


Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)

4 Sets: Max Effort L-Sit Hold 15 Weighted Hip Extensions Rest 1:30 between sets. Not for score or time, but for quality movement. On the L-Sit, we are on parallettes here. On the weighted hip extensions, hug a plate across the chest.

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