Monday, July 29

SLED DOG" WEEK 5 (DELOAD WEEK): See Full "Sled Dog" - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Backing off total volume in this deload week. Starting the day with two Push Jerk skill builders. The focus here is on quality of movement over load. This leads us into "on the minute" percentage work for the Push Jerk. Finally, a grinder of a triplet to finish things out. ACTIVATION 1 Round: 20 Calorie Bike/Row 5 Inchworms 15 Calorie Bike/Row 5 Inchworms 10 Calorie Bike/Row 5 Inchworms Into… 2 Rounds: 15 Russian Kettlebell Swings (Light Weight) 20 Alternating Reverse Lunges (No Weight) Barbell Warmup 5 Good Mornings 5 Back Squats 5 Elbow Rotations 5 Strict Press & Reach 5 Romanian Deadlifts 5 Front Squats

Pausing Push Jerk (3 x 3)

PAUSING PUSH JERK For Quality: 3 Sets of 3 *Pause For 2 Seconds in Dip & Catch STIMULUS Progressing from the jerk strict press to a more dynamic movement, the pausing push jerk There will be a two second pause in both the dip and the catch position Like the previous skill builder, build in weight while maintaining quality The general percentage we're looking for here is to keep these below 50% of your 1RM Push Jerk Rest as needed between sets to maintain solid positioning MOVEMENT FOCUS The focus here is finding the heels in both the dip and the catch Jumping and landing with the heels on the ground allows for better power and balance Good movement here sets us up nicely for good looking percentage work that follows MOVEMENT PREP With Empty Barbell: 5 Pausing Push Jerks (2 Second in Dip & Catch) Then… 2 Sets of 3: Very Light Warmup Sets Then.. Begin 3x3 Working Sets

Push Jerk (Every 2 Minutes x 5 Sets: )

Every 2 Minutes x 5 Sets: 3 Push Jerks Set 1: 60% Set 2: 65% Set 3: 70% Set 4: 70% Set 5: 70% STIMULUS Coming out of the rack, we'll work through some manageable percentage work here to tie the knot on the push jerk skill and strength session Complete 3 reps every 2 minutes Rounds begin on the 0:00 - 2:00 - 4:00 - 6:00 - 8:00 Rest with whatever time you have remaining until the next 2 minute interval begins STRATEGY With this work taking place every 2 minutes, having your weights planned and laid out ahead of will help you stay on track with the clock MOVEMENT FOCUS Putting everything we focused on in the strict presses and pausing push jerks together here for the percentage work Keep the belly tight, bar path straight, and weight back in the heels

Beef Jerky (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

"BEEF JERKY" AMRAP 12: 21 Kettlebell Swings (50/35) 14 Kettlebell Reverse Lunges (50/35) 7 Push Jerks (165/115) Rx+ 70/50, 205/145 STIMULUS Grinding through a weightlifting triplet to finish out our gym session today Choose weights on all 3 movements that you can complete in 1-2 sets each round The kettlebell is held in a goblet position for the reverse lunges Alternate legs each rep for a total of 7 per side The push jerk barbell comes from the ground Looking to complete somewhere in that 3-4 round range, meaning each round takes somewhere between 3-4 minutes STRATEGY One planned break on each movement makes these sets very manageable both mentally and physically If there is one movement you plan on holding onto unbroken, make it the push jerks The extra clean that comes with breaking the push jerk will be the most taxing break of any movement Kettlebell Swings: 21 Straight or 12-9 Kettlebell Reverse Lunges: 14 Straight or 8-6 Push Jerks: 7 Straight or 4-3

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