Wednesday, June 5

Starting the day building upon our handstand pushup progression from last week. Overhead Squat technique to follow. Starting with pausing squat repetitions, will transition couple our positioning found here with speed, on the Snatch Balance. Conditioning to follow, in the form of three AMRAP's with rest between. Following a double-under "buy-in", we'll be completing rounds of ascending weight OHS and burpee box jump overs. ACTIVATION 3:00 Tempo Bike 1st minute slow, 2nd minute moderate, 3rd minute moderate/fast. 2 Rounds: 3 Spidermans each side 6 Wall Squats 9 Empty Barbell Overhead Squats 12 Superman Rocks 1:30 Tempo Bike 1st :30s slow, 2nd :30s moderate, 3rd :30s moderate/fast.

Overhead Squat (5 x 1+1)

5 Sets: 1 Tempo Overhead Squat 1 Overhead Squat Percentages: Set #1 - 60% of estimated 1RM OHS Set #2 - 63% Set #3 - 66% Set #4 - 69% Set #5 - 72% Tempo - 5 seconds to find the bottom position. 2 second pause in bottom. Regular stand. All repetitions are taken from the rack. Rest as needed between sets, aiming to keep it to 2:00 or less. The purpose of the initial tempo squat is to refine our mechanics on the descent. On the overhead squat, it is very common for athletes to become "toe"sy. Much of this is due to our descent into the squat, where our hips travel more "downwards" than "down and back". Although we naturally want to keep as vertical as possible to maximize our positioning overhead, we still need to reach back with our hips. In the five-second descent, we have the opportunity to focus on such movement, along with ensuring that our heels are in firm contact with the ground. If we are lifting with friends today, let's ask them to watch our positioning for us. Many of us do a great job keeping the heel "down", but it's not just down... we are also looking for proper distribution throughout the heel. If our ankle caves in, even just slightly, we'll notice that the outside of the heels lift ever so slightly off the ground. The insides are still in contact, but here we are already losing position. Given how we have the "luxury of time" here in our tempo squat, let's be diligent with this and help our buddies (or ourselves, via video) out. Details matter. On the second overhead squat in the complex, there is no tempo or pause. Regular speed.

Snatch Balance (5 x 2)

Snatch Balance - 5 Sets of 2 Set #1 - 50% of estimated 1RM OHS Based off feel, steadily climb in our remaining (4) sets. In the Snatch Balance, we are looking to use the positioning confirmed in the last part, now with speed. What is far more important than the loading on the bar, is our speed to the bottom of the repetition. Taken from the rack, let's set our snatch grip grip on the barbell. Through a dip+drive, the bar becomes weightless. In this moment, our aim is to drive ourselves beneath the bar. Note that it is not "press the bar up". Visualize a ceiling just above the top of your head as we're about to start the lift... and the bar literally cannot go any higher. The dip drive is not to drive the bar high, but purely to place it into a moment of weightlessness. Using it as leverage, we'll drive ourselves down into our catch position. Starting at 50% (in relation to our estimated 1RM OHS), speed and positioning is again the most important factor here. What we do not want, is a snatch grip push jerk followed by an overhead squat. If lighter brings more speed, it is without question where we want to be today.

Slap Happy (3 Rounds for reps)

"Slap Happy" Part #1 In a 5:00 Window... 100 Double-Under Buy-In Time remaining, AMRAP: 12 Overhead Squats (95/65) 4 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24"/20") Rest 5:00 "Slap Happy" Part #2 In a 5:00 Window... 100 Double-Under Buy-In Time remaining, AMRAP: 8 Overhead Squats (115/85) 4 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24"/20") Rest 5:00 "Slap Happy" Part #3 In a 5:00 Window... 100 Double-Under Buy-In Time remaining, AMRAP: 4 Overhead Squats (135/95) 4 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24"/20") Score will be total rounds of OHS and burpees in each part. The double-unders do not contribute towards the score in each round. Adding in (3) scores on the main page, the system will compute the sum total for us. For clarification, we have 3 x AMRAP 5, rest 5. In each part, we have a 100 double-under buy-in to each round. In the time remaining inside the AMRAP, we'll accumulate max rounds of the overhead squats and burpee box jump overs. As the parts move on, the weight increases while the reps decrease. The burpee box jump overs stay fixed per round at (4).


Metcon (Time)

10 Sets for Time: 40% of Max Strict HSPU Last week, we completed 12 sets at 30%, which build on the first week of 10x30%. This week, we are transitioning towards 40% of our max handstand pushups, but reducing back to 10 sets. So that we can compare times previous weeks: Today - 10 x 40% Last Week - 12 x 30% 2 Weeks - 10 x 30% Inside this repetition scheme, we are aiming to rest as little as possible between the sets, all the while maintaining unbroken sets. If for example, we have 20 unbroken strict handstand pushups, our workout is 10 rounds of 8 unbroken strict handstand pushups for time. On the other side, if we have 5 or less reps, we can actually modify up. If we are completing for example 10 sets of 2 reps, we can modify to 3, or even 4 if we see fit. Let's choose the appropriate option here so that we are challenging ourselves. If we are not completing strict reps today (to the floor), we have two options: 1. Elevated Platform Strict HSPU 2. Strict Presses with Dumbbells If we move towards the elevated platform, we want to be wary of what the platform can train - that specific range of motion. If it is to build comfort and confidence in the HSPU, that's a good thing. But to build capacity, we want to recognize, that the full range of motion trumps in almost all situations.

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