Tuesday, June 11

Three parts today to our Tuesday. 1. Deficit Deadlifts. Building to a moderately heavy double from 3". 2. "The Good Life", a conditioning repeat. 3. Odd-Object Conditioning, with carries and sled drags. ACTIVATION 1 Round: 200m Row, 20 Banded Good Mornings :30s Bike, 16 Suitcase Deadlifts (8/side) 200m Row, 12 Barbell Rollouts :30s Bike, 8 Barbell Stiff-Legged Deadlifts 1 Round: 12 Superman Rocks 3 Walkouts 12 Hollow Rocks 3 Walkouts

Deficit Deadlifts (6 x 2)

6 Sets of 2 Deficit - 3" On today's deadlifts, we are pulling from a deficit. Standing on plates is the aim today, challenging our position off the floor. In regards to percentage, is it our aim to stay on the lighter side if this is a newer movement to us. On all repetitions, let's set the bar back to the floor (avoid touch and go). We are looking to start in the 50-55% range, and finish in the area of 65-70%. On the moderate side, with a focus on sound positioning. Record all six sets to the tracker below.

The Good Life (Time)

3 Rounds: 500 Meter Row 12 Burpees 21 Box Jumps (24″/20″) Engine today. Last completed September 14, 2018 Transitions count. If there is one goal we are focusing on today, it is urgency in transitions. Recall that a meter row is a pace setter. We aren’t going to stop on a row. But we very well may on the burpees and box jumps if we push here too hard. The goal here is to minimize the amount of time not working – to achieve that, this row should be ~5-10 seconds slower than your 2K pace. What’s more important here is getting off the rower and immediately moving with a purpose to start our burpees. These are "classical" burpees… a jump and a clap overhead to finish the movement. And on these, as simple as the thought it, let's focus on our breathing. Focus on the breathing burpee cadence and force air in. If we push too aggressively on these, we lose our ability to cycle through the box jumps. We cannot tax ourselves out here. We need to remain composed so that we can preserve our agility on the box. Unless we have a limitation, let's jump up each burpee today for the training benefit. There will be days where we want to move towards the step-up burpee, but today, let's hold ourselves to the jump up. On the box jumps, a two foot jump will be considered "Rx". Step-ups are always an option, but won’t be marked as "Rx". Recompose on top of the box, and make your move for your next repetition.


Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)

3 Rounds, Not for Time: 100m Farmers Carry 200m Sled Drag Rest 2:00 between. The focus of effort today is on speed inside these movements. Today, it is better to go a bit lighter on both movements if it allows us to go faster. On the farmers carry, we are looking to fast-pace-shuffle this distance. A walking pace during "Body Armor" sets is appropriate, allowing us to go heavier, but we have the opposite aim today. Let's move on these carries, to the tune of at the slowest, shuffling. This again likely means the weights need to be lighter. In terms of equipment, athlete's choice - dumbbells, kettlebells, or torpedos. On the sled pull, we are facing away from the sled, connected via straps or a harness. Same aim here as well - we want to fast pace this drag to the tune of fast-pace-shuffling if we can with the weight. The 2:00 rest between rounds affords us the chance to recover our breathing, which we want to challenge here. Challenge the loads, yes, but let's move with speed today.

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