Saturday, June 22

Final day inside "Grunt Work". Let's finish strong. Starting our day similar to yesterday, building to a heavy lift. Today: Front Squats. Conditioning follows, combining intervals with a "For Time" task. A related workout was seen in the CrossFit Games two years ago. Odd-Object Conditioning to finish our week. ACTIVATION Males - 21-15-9: Calorie Assault Bike Females - 15-12-9 Calorie Assault Bike After each round, where we aim to grow intensity, complete: 3 Spiderman + Reaches (each) 6 Good Mornings 6 Back Squats 3 Walkouts 6 Strict Presses 6 Front Squats Empty Barbell. 2 Rounds: 10 Hollow Rocks :15s Superman Static Hold 10 Pausing Glute Bridges :15s Handstand Hold Stretch

Front Squat (3-1-3-1-3-1)

Using our recent wave scheme to build to a moderately heavy load, followed by a build to a heavy 3-Rep for the day. All repetitions come from the rack. Not for time, resting 1:30-2:00 between sets: 3 Reps @ 60%, 1 Rep @ 70% 3 Reps @ 65%, 1 Rep @ 75% 3 Reps @ 70%, 1 Rep @ 80% Following our single at 80%, we have completed 12 reps at weights that will allow us to move better during the heavier attempts. Take 10:00 following to build to a heavy triple for the day.

Wal-Mart (Time)

For Time: 20 Clean and Jerks (95/65) 20 Clean and Jerks (135/95) 20 Clean and Jerks (185/125) Athletes must work in 2:00 on / 1:00 off. At the start of each round, complete: 9 Wallballs (30/20) Females, 9' Target 7/5 Calorie Bike/Row Time Cap - 17:00 (6 intervals) This workout is 60 clean and jerks for time, where athletes must work inside the confines of 2:00 on, 1:00 off. And to start each round, we have a "buy-in", of wallballs and a calorie bike. This will challenge our conditioning for the clean and jerk cycling. Stimulus wise, we are looking for an unbroken set of wallballs and a hard paced bike. We are looking to clear the two "buy-in" movements by the 1:00 mark at the latest. If we feel we will not clear these throws and bike calories by that time, let's dial back the volume a bit to ensure we are making our way to the barbell. Again, each interval starts with a "buy-in" of wallballs and a calorie bike. Any time remaining inside the 2:00 window is used towards working towards the 60 clean and jerk total, where we will increase loads every third of the way. For this workout, we can setup three separate barbells if spacing and equipment allows. Otherwise, changing weights is also good to go on a single barbell. Stimulus wise: Weight #1 - Light. 21+ Power Clean and Jerks unbroken, when fresh. Weight #2 - Moderate. 14+ Power Clean and Jerks unbroken, when fresh. Weight #3 - Heavy. 7+ Power Clean and Jerks unbroken, when fresh. Talking through an example round #1, let's say an athlete reaches the first 2:00 time cap with 15 clean and jerks at the first weight. After the mandatory 1:00 rest, the second interval starts. He completes the buy-in of wallballs and biking once again, and then finishes off the final 5 reps at the first weight. Let's say he makes it through 8 reps at the next barbell. The next interval follows in suit, where he would pick up where he left off. There is a 17:00 time cap on this workout, which comes out to


3 Giant Sets, Not for Score: 50' Back Rack Walking Lunge 100m Sled Push 150m Farmers Carry Rest 3:00 between sets. Our aim here is to build to a heavy at each movement. With 3:00 of rest between rounds, we are looking to start from moderate loading at each of the three and build to a heavy, challenging finish. On the back rack lunges, we are looking for an unbroken set each round. On the sled push, a single break on the heavier sets is acceptable, but let's avoid two breaks. On the farmers carry, same feel as the sled push. A single break is acceptable, but not two. Two means we went a bit too heavy.

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