Monday, June 24

De-load Week. A necessary lower volume week in order to continue the push forward. In a week from today, we'll be starting our next cycle - "Sled Dog". "Sled Dog" will build upon "Grunt Work", with a larger focus on barbell cycling and shear work capacity in movements that we commonly see in competition. The full cycle details will be announced on Friday. Today, three parts. Front squat positional work to start, which will lead us into our conditioning for the day. A modified version of the classic benchmark, "Jackie". Body Armor to finish. ACTIVATION 2 Rounds, Not for Time: 1:00 Light Row 6 Slow Scap Retractions 5 Walkouts 4 Spiderman + Reach (each side) 3 Russian Baby Makers Into 2 Rounds, Not for Time: 1:00 Light Bike :30s Cossack Squat :30s Warrior Squat 5 Waiter Squats (each side)

Front Squat (5 x 1+1)

5 Sets: 1 Tempo Pausing Front Squat 1 Front Squat Tempo: 5s negative, 3 second pause in bottom. Regular stand. Set #1 - 60% of 1RM Front Squat Set #2 - 65% Sets #3+4+5 - 70%

Jack Daniels (Time)

For Time: 1,000 Meter Run 50 Thrusters (65/45) 30 CTB Pull-Ups Rx+ For Time: 1,000 Meter Run 30 Squat Snatches (115/85) 30 Bar Muscle-Ups In "Jack Daniels", we have a modified version of the benchmark girl, "Jackie". If we are not running today, let's row a slightly scaled up distance - 1.5/1K. Replacing the row with a run, and upping our challenge on the thrusters and pull-ups, we're looking at a mid-range chipper that will put our faster times in the 7:00-9:00 range. The opening 1K run is a place we want to lean into, but only the point where we can move directly into the thrusters without hesitation. Thinking back to our recent running workouts, the pacing on the runs are always important, but the juice is often not worth the squeeze when there is a large amount of work inside the gym. If we push this 1K run, and come into the gym 15 seconds faster than a conservative pace, we likely are in a metabolic state that will catch up to us halfway through the thrusters. And as one can imagine, a single break more on the thrusters or pull-ups can easily negate any time gained on the run. As we enter the run, let's visualize our 2 mile race pace. Not a 1 mile effort, and not as a slow as a 5K pace. But right in the middle. Aggressive, but one that we can hold directly to our bar. On this bar, if there is a single goal for the workout, it's this transition. Although a small, tiny fraction of the workout, let's use this as our battle for the day. Our aim for the workout is to run directly to the bar, and begin. It is incredibly common here to pause, take a breather, and prepare ourselves for the thruster set. Instead, let's go the opposite direction today. Assess on the move. Pick the bar up and go for 10 reps. Along the way, re-assess how we are doing. We aren't looking for a straight set here, but we are looking for an immediate start. A skill worth refining is going by feel on these thrusters. Always great to have a general game


Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)

3 "Giant Sets": 9 Romanian Deadlifts 15 Weighted Glute Bridges 27 GHD Sit-Ups Rest 2:00 between sets. On the Romanian deadlifts (, we are looking to lower the bar as close to the ground as possible, with two checkpoints: 1) No loss in position. This movement is only as good as how well we perform it. If we feel our back rounding at all, let's not go as low. 2) We are able to maintain a soft (not locked) knee that is close to extension. Unlocking the knee is important here - this is not straight leg deadlift. Build steadily over the course of the three sets, with the intention being that all nine reps are unbroken each time. On the weighted glute bridges, let's elevate our elbows on a bench or platform to allow for a deeper range of motion at the hip joint. A barbell can be used well here. Same intentions as the Romanian deadlifts - let's move well, and unbroken here.

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