Friday, May 24

Benchmark Friday's continue with today's effort on, "Joker". Starting our day building to a heavy single on the deadlift. Percentage work up until the final two sets, where we will advance by feel. Conditioning comes next with "Joker", a couplet of Toes to Bar and moderate deadlifts. Demonstrated by 7-Times Games Master Dave Hippensteel. Aerobic Capacity to finish our day. ACTIVATION On the 2:00 (1 Round): Minutes 1+2 - 30/24 Calorie Row Minutes 3+4 - 40 Double-Unders + 15 Wallballs + 5 Strict Pull-Ups Minutes 5+6 - 18 Sit-Ups + 18 Banded Good Mornings 1 Round, not for time: 5 Wall Squats 10 Stiff-Legged Deadlifts (empty barbell) :15s Deadhang Hold on PU Bar :30s Alternating Warrior Squats 5-4-3-2-1: Walkouts Spiderman + Reach (each side)

Deadlift (1x5, 3x3, 5x1)

1 Sets of 5 - 70% 3 Sets of 3 - 73-76-79 5 Sets of 1 - 82-85-88-X-X *After each set, 25' HS Walk Practice The final two sets are left open. Based on feel, we can continue to climb, stay across at 88%, or complete two back-off singles. Record all sets below, and rest as needed between sets. No time set on each set so that we can practice time on our hands afterwards.

"Joker" (Time)

For Time: 1 Toes to Bar, 10 Deadlifts 2 Toes to Bar, 9 Deadlifts 3 Toes to Bar, 8 Deadlifts 4 Toes to Bar, 7 Deadlifts 5 Toes to Bar, 6 Deadlifts 6 Toes to Bar, 5 Deadlifts 7 Toes to Bar, 4 Deadlifts 8 Toes to Bar, 3 Deadlifts 9 Toes to Bar, 2 Deadlifts 10 Toes to Bar, 1 Deadlift Deadlift - 225/155 "Joker", demonstrated by 3-Time CrossFit Games Champion and CompTrain Master, Dave Hippensteel. Watch the video: An inverse ladder repetition scheme, where we'll climb in reps on the toes to bar as we descend in reps on the deadlift. Stimulus wise, we are looking for a deadlift load that we could cycle for 21+ repetitions without question. A loading that is on the moderate side, one we could do unbroken all the way through if we truly went for it. Although difficult to see at first glance, our lats will take the brunt of the fatigue here. As we engage for the deadlift, we fire the lats to keep the bar close. On the kip swing, we absolutely use our lats here as well. What results is a fatigue inside of the kip swing of the toes to bar, resulting in a less powerful pull/push kip. It won't be the deadlifts that slow us to a halt if we reach it… it will instead be the toes to bar in the larger sets as we climb that ladder. Pacing these repetitions and breaking as you see fit is naturally a large aim of ours, but, as is technique. Those who can hold sound technique especially in the earlier sets will preserve their capacity for when they need it the most - in these final, larger, sets of toes to bar.


Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)

Athlete's choice of machine, with preference in the following order: 1. Run 2. Assault Bike 3. Rower 5 x 3:00 on, 1:00 off 1:30 - Light Effort 1:00 - Moderate Effort :30s - Hard Effort All of the below is not for time or score, but for *pacing*. Between all five intervals, we want to try our best to match the pace in each of the three varying speeds. Using RPM's, wattage, or calories per hour, let's pick a pacing for the three and aim to hold the effort across.

------------ "No one was ever wise by chance" – Seneca Let’s pretend we have two individuals out hiking in the woods. The first trips over a root, and after scrambling back to his feet, kicks the root in frustration and storms off. The second individual trips over the very same root as well, but has a different response. After gathering himself, he looks around, refreshing himself of the importance to scan the path ahead. He then moves on, now paying closer attention to the ground in front of him. One took the effort to learn from it, one did not. Wisdom isn’t by chance… it is by choice.

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