Friday, June 21

ACTIVATION On the 2:00 x 12:00 (2 Rounds): Minutes 1+2 - 30/24 Calorie Row Minutes 3+4 - 30 Double-Unders + 10 Burpees + 5 Strict Pull-Ups Minutes 5+6 - 18 GHD Sit-Ups + 18 Banded Good Mornings 2 Rounds: 5 Wall Squats 10 Stiff-Legged Deadlifts (empty barbell) :15s Deadhang Hold on PU Bar :30s Alternating Warrior Squats 3-2-1: Walkouts Spiderman + Reach (each side)

Deadlift (3x3, 1x1, 1x10)

Opening with waves building to a heavier single. These weights are similar to our very first deadlift loads at the start of the cycle, where we'll move through and then build upon for two scored lifts... a 1-Rep and a 10-Rep. Not for time, resting ~1:30-2:00 between: 3 Reps @ 70%, 1 Rep @ 75% 3 Reps @ 70%, 1 Rep @ 80% 3 reps @ 70%, 1 Rep @ 85% Following, take 10:00 total to build to a heavy at each, in this order: 1. Heavy Single 2. Heavy 10-Rep

El Nino (Time)

For Time: 1 Mile Run 50 DB Snatches (70/50) 400 Odd Object Run (50/35) 30 CTB Pull-Ups 20 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24"/20") A descending repetition chipper, starting with a one mile run buy-in. Although we will find some separation inside this distance, we want to remind ourselves that it is purely the buy-in. 10 seconds, although significant in a one mile race, can disappear in a single transition inside the gym in the following movements. We want to move here on this run, but it's truly the buy-in. Let's visualize the pace we believe we would hold for roughly a ~5K distance. On the following DB Snatches, we have a single larger set. At 50 repetitions, a steady and methodical pattern for touch and go reps is key here. With a micro-pause at the top, we can settle into a breathing pace on these snatches. The key is to find the place to get the air in. Naturally, it is not in the bottom of the rep, and is instead after lockout as the hands are changing the bell as it descends. We are looking for a heavier dumbbell here, but one that we are confident we could compete 20+ unbroken when fresh. Breaking up these 50 reps will be a focal point in the workout as we need to be smart here. Some options for thought: 24-16-10 20-10-10-10 16-14-10-10 5x10 Next comes running with an object. Keep moving here. On the 30 CTB, let's aim for big sets.Our final pulling movement of the workout,with only 20 reps on the burpee BJO to follow. On the final burpee box jumps, let's game plan for reps 10-20. This is where we will lose our pace, if we do. By seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, we may start these final 20 too quickly, resulting in the extra steps in the final reps that add the extra seconds. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

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