Tuesday, April 30

Week #5 of Grunt Work. Full cycle details posted in "Workout Prep Notes". Three parts today. 1. Starting with skills, we'll be building our capacity on the strict handstand pushup, challenged by the rower. 2. Split Jerk work comes next. Two technique primers followed by 5 sets of 2 on the split jerk, building to a heavy for the day. 3. Conditioning to finish our day, in an ascending repetition scheme of running and power clean and jerks. ACTIVATION 2 Rounds: 1:00 Light Bike, Row, or Run 15 Sit-Ups 9 Hand Release Pushups 15 Supermans / Back Extension 9 Strict Presses (empty barbell)

Strict HSPU (Every :90sec x 7)

"On the 1:30" x 7 Rounds: 15/12 Calorie Row Time Remaining - Strict HSPU Each 1:30 interval starts with the buy-in row. In the time remaining, athletes accumulate reps on the wall. No break between rounds - clock continues to run. Let's record all seven rounds, to gauge our consistency. The system will add the rounds together for our score for the part, being max repetitions.

Split Jerk (3x3, 3x3, 5x2)

3 Sets of 3: Press in Split 3 Sets of 3: Jerk Balance 5 Sets of 2: Split Jerk Our first two movements are primers for the third, where we have the chance to piece together the positions refined today. In our "Press in Split" and "Jerk Balance", loads are fully intended to be on the lighter side (somewhere between 25-40%). Move by feel here, always placing positioning and technique in front of load. All repetitions are taken from the rack. Press in Split - Video On the press in split, we are stepping out to our receiving position, followed by 3 strict presses on each set. This affords us the chance to dial in our footwork at the static position, finding our balance and spread load between the two feet. Weight is secondary here to confirming positions – build steadily, but only to a moderate load. Jerk Balance - Video On the jerk balance, we start by taking a "half split". In a dip drive, we’ll send the bar overhead as we step out to our "full split", punching to the finish. This is a great drill to train the step-out of the front leg, which commonly does not reach far enough out in front of us. Secondly, it allows us a chance to practice driving ourselves beneath the bar, absorbing the weight with a soft knee. Split Jerk Set #1 - 70% of estimated 1RM Split Jerk Set #2 - 75% Sets #3+4+5 - Build to a heavy double for the day.

Front Runner (Time)

For Time: 200 Meter Run, 2 Power Cleans + Jerks 200 Meter Run, 4 Power Cleans + Jerks 200 Meter Run, 6 Power Cleans + Jerks 200 Meter Run, 8 Power Cleans + Jerks 200 Meter Run, 10 Power Cleans + Jerks Rx - 155/105 Rx+ 185/135

n "Front Runner", we have a 5 round workout where we'll start with a 200 meter run in each. From there, the barbell reps climb, 2-4-6-8-10. Stimulus wise, we are looking for a clean and jerk load that we are very confident we could complete for 10+ repetitions unbroken, when completely fresh. Inside the workout, we may move to sets early on due to a specific strategy, but it's a load we are comfortable cycling for touch and go repetitions in this workout. If we are not running today, let's row for 250/200 meters per round. If we do not have access to a rower, but do to an Assault Bike, let's complete 15/12 calories per round. In the front half of the workout, it's heavy on the running. On the back half, it flips… and it's heavy on the barbell. With that in mind, strategy wise, we want to plan for those final two sets of clean and jerks. Cycling here is highly important to find our best time in this workout. The temptation is to push early, and to hang on for as long as we can with unbroken sets. But if that results in grinding out singles in the 8's and 10's, after going unbroken through 6, it's likely that we'll lose more time than we gained. Another way to think about it is this: if we had to do the last set in two sets (or less), how would we approach the reps and running beforehand? On the running (where pacing naturally varies on our ability on the barbell), we want to pace these runs if we know it's going to come down to how well we move the bar. If we thrive on the barbell, and are looking at completing each total with one break or less per round, this is now a running workout for us. And it's a question of how hard can we push the transitions and runs, without resulting in any additional breaks on the barbell. This workout is fast… yet, it comes down to the final 2 rounds. Let's begin with the the end in mind.

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