Tuesday, April 23

Week #4 of Grunt Work. After a weight intensive Monday, an all conditioning Tuesday. Two parts, with the focus of effort being on a benchmark of ours - "Boat Race". A recovery based piece to finish, incorporating the sled pull. ACTIVATION 300m Row + :30s Spidermans 200m Jog + :30s Walkouts 300m Row + :30s Glute Bridges 200m Run + :30s Hollow Rocks

Boat Race (Time)

3 RFT: 500 Meter Row 400 Meter Run rest 3:00 between rounds

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)

3 Rounds: 7:00 Recovery Bike/Row/Run After each set, 200 Meter Sled Pull (75% Bodyweight) On the bike, we are looking for a conversational, low-intensity pace. There is no score here. After each 7:00 effort, we are looking to pull the sled with roughly 75% of our bodyweight loaded on top. Naturally, sleds and surface types will vary dramatically between athletes, so this 75% is only a starting point. Feel wise, we are looking for a walking pace, at a load that we are confident we can complete unbroken each time if we need to. At most, we are taking a single quick break at the 100m turnaround point. In the sled pull, we are facing away from the sled. Athletes are free to use a harness or straps.

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