Tuesday, March 26

CrossFit Crosscheck Athletes, Congratulations on an incredible Open season. We know how challenging it is, not just on the body, but even moreso on the mind, to compete like this. It’s been a strong five weeks on. It’s time to give our bodies and minds a period to recover. Our adrenals fired stronger, our fight-or-flight system kicking in harder. Scale as necessary. "Gruntwork" starts Monday the 1st. Time to get strong. Details to come later this week. ACTIVATION 1 Round: 1:00 Row + :30s Reverse Samson :45s Moderate Row + :30s Banded Good Mornings :30s Fast Row + 10 Pushups + 3-5 Hang Muscle Snatches (empty BB) :15s Sprint Row + 2 x 3-Position Power Snatch (pockets, knees, mid-shin... empty BB)

3-Position Power Snatch (6 x 1)

On the 2:00 x 6 Sets: Set #1 - 60% of estimated 1RM Power Snatch Set #2 - 64% Set #3 - 68% Set #4 - 60% Set #5 - 64% Set #6 - 68% Two waves, climbing by 4% each set. Aim is to keep the loading on the lighter side as we dial in technique today. Deload intensities.

Inner Tube (Regional) (Time)

25-20-15-10-5: Power Snatches (75/55) Toes to Bar Barbell-Facing Burpees With 75 repetitions of each movement, our target today is "movement stamina". That is, the ability to repetition through larger quantities of a certain movement, and bounce back for more. It will absolutely become metabolic, but the place where athletes can be "forced" to break is on the TTB, and power snatches (if grip goes). Pacing our own capacities in these movements will be the most important thing we can focus on. Engine yes, but also movement stamina. We've all been there before, when our TTB just… go away. We pushed beyond that threshold, and then require a good amount of time to recover (hence the small, challenging sets). Take note how we pace this effort. Like yesterday with our running, let's give ourselves something to look back to become smarter on. Although the repetition scheme does not allow for round time study, there is still much to learn here about how well we pace the TTB for example, when in combination where the power snatches and burpees challenge them.

Inner Tube (Open) (Time)

22-18-14-10: DB Snatches (50/35) Sit-Ups Burpees Sit-Ups Descending by 4 repetitions per round, our aim is a steady state through it's duration. At a total of 64 repetitions of the snatches/burpees, and 128 sit-ups, our pacer is the work on the abmats. A smooth, methodical, breathing pace allows us to move through strong sets on the power snatches and burpees. Let's place our effort there, where we can recover our breathing on the sit-ups.

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