Wednesday, March 20

ACTIVATION 350-200 Meter Row After each set: 10 Hollow Rocks 10 Superman Rocks 5 Dowel Passovers + 5 Dowel OHS 3 Inchworms 2 Rounds through, rotating stations every :30s: Slow Wall Squats Banded Pull-Aparts Warrior Squats Suitcase Deadlifts (changing sides at 15s) Cossack Squats Rest 1:00

Wednesday Primer (AMRAP - Rounds)

"Wednesday Primer" 3 Rounds, Not for Score: 1:00 Row + 18 AbMat Sit-Ups 1:00 Bike + 7-12 CTB Pull-Ups 1:00 Row + 7-12 Deadlifts (225/155) 1:00 Bike + 7-12 Box Jump Overs Although a row and bike is written, athlete's choice to also incorporate a run. We are looking for a light metabolic demand, resulting in the following repetitions being of more benefit to us. As written, the aim here is not to excessively tax ourselves, but to prime these movement patterns and stamina pathways. Stimulus wise, we are looking for a loading that we are very confident we could cycle for 21+ repetitions on any given movement here. Light load, and focused on technique. The CTB pull-ups do not need to be completed unbroken, but we want to choose an appropriate repetition scheme that will allow us to a chance to practice the movement, but not break us down and hurt our abilities on the pull-up bar on Friday should they appear. Work on footwork and technique with the Box Jump Overs

---------- "The opposite of play is not work. The opposite of play is depression." – Brene Brown Sometimes along the way, we forget that we love what we do. The choice of words there was intentional. Suddenly things become a "job". Things used to be fun. It used to excite us. Now… not so much. And we ask ourselves that question… "What happened?" When we are here, it’s a must to remind ourselves: love is a two-way street. And it takes work to love. Unlike the portrayal in the movies, there’s commitment with hard work, sweat and tears. But through that, if we can see it all the way, is the irreplaceable fulfillment. We must learn, or maybe better said re-learn, to love what we do. Think back to what excited us the most when we started. What ignited the fire. What wakes us up in the morning. It’s there. Not lost to "work", and just in need of a rekindling.

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