Monday, March 11

Starting our week with strict gymnastics. Ring Muscle-Ups, challenged by rowing and double-unders. This will take us into our conditioning for the day, and we'll finish with Body Armor. No barbell today, which we will be hitting hard tomorrow. ACTIVATION Rotating Stations Every 1:00, for 10 (2 Rounds): Station 1 - :50s Row (light pace) Station 2 - :50s Warrior Squats Station 3 - 9 Pushups, 12 Sit-Ups, 15 Air Squats Station 4 - :20s Jump Rope (singles or doubles) + 5 Scap Retractions + 3 Strict PU Station 5 - Shuttle Run

Gymnastics Conditioning (3 Rounds for reps)

12:00 Running Clock: On the 0:00, 4:00, and 8:00: 20/15 Calorie Row 40 Double-Unders Time Remaining: Ring Muscle Ups RX+ 25/18 Cal, 50 DU, Strict Ring Muscle Up Score is total ring muscle-ups over the course of the 12:00. Another way of looking at this workout is that it's 3 x 4:00 windows, that run directly into each other. The "buy-in" to the window, is the row and double-unders. Any time remaining inside the time window can be used to accumulating ring muscle-ups. Stimulus wise, we are looking to get to the rings no later than the 2:30 mark. If we belive we will be arriving after that mark on the first round, let's either modify the volume, or, cap our efforts when 2:30 strikes and move onto the rings. We can aim to hold that same volume for "rounds" two and three. If we do not have strict ring muscle-ups, let's use today to complete this effort as kipping ring muscle-ups. If we do not yet have ring muscle-ups, let's complete as the strict banded ring MU drill, found here -

Sir Charles (Time)

60 Cal Row/Bike 5 Rounds: 10 Pull-Ups 30 Air Squats 60 Cal Row/Bike Rx+ Chest to Bar To write out in further detail how the workout flows: This piece starts, and finishes, with a 1,000m Rower In the center, we have 5 rounds of the CTB pull-ups and air squats.

----------------- "Never confuse movement, with action" - Ernest Hemingway "Busy work" is our mortal enemy. "Movement" here refers to taking care of the pressing and loud items in our day. The emails. The text messages. The bills. Parts that need to be done eventually, but are far more urgent in the moment than they are in actuality. For at the days end, as we climb into bed, the days that were consumed with such busy work leave us the most unfulfilled. This is because movement does not push us towards our goals. Only "action" does. Action is the premeditated effort with purpose behind it. It’s calculated energy, versus reactive "movement". It’s swimming forward, versus treading water. This quote urges us to recognize the difference between the two. As we move through the day, are we in motion, or are we in action?

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