Tuesday, February 12

Three parts today: 1. Back Squat 2. Conditioning 3. Row Intervals During our conditioning, pairing strict gymnastics with a moderate barbell, gauging our ability to hold gymnastic stamina throughout the effort. ACTIVATION 2 Rounds: 1:00 Light Bike/Row + :30s Reverse Samson :45s Moderate Bike/Row + :30s Walkouts :30s Fast Bike/Row + 15 Kettlebell Swings (light load)

Back Squat (10-8-6-4-2)

All sets are completed "On the 3:00", and all repetitions are taken from the rack. On the 0:00... 10 Reps @ 70% On the 3:00... 8 Reps @ 75% On the 6:00... 6 Reps @ 80% On the 9:00... 4 Reps @ 85% On the 12:00... 2 Reps @ 90%

Top Heavy (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 18: 9 Power Cleans (135/95) 12/9 HSPU 9 Front Squats (135/95) 12/9 Pull-Ups

Rx+ (155/105), Strict HSPU, Strict Pullup "Top Heavy" couples a moderate barbell with two strict gymnastic movements. Purposefully strict today, our challenge will be the stamina over the course of the 18 minute range. It is not often that we incorporate strict gymnastics into our metabolic conditioning, which in turn naturally places a large emphasis on pacing. Strict gymnastic strength is one to disappear if we push to close to movement failure. Athletes who have failed a strict HSPU or pull-up due to muscular fatigue can absolutely relate. It can slow our cycle rate dramatically, if not to a standstill. Stimulus wise… Barbell loading is intended to be on the moderate side, and a load we could cycle for 15+ repetitions unbroken, when fresh (on both the power clean and front squat). Strict Handstand Pushups and Strict Pull-Ups As we approach the workout, we want to ensure the numbers we are choosing for each movement could be done unbroken, when fresh, if we went for it. If our estimated max set is above that number, let's reduce it until those conditions are met. On the pull-ups, banding is absolutely an option, and encouraged if the repetition scheme is below 6 repetitions. On the handstand pushups, we are again after our strict strength development today, and modifying the movement to a pike pushup (off a box) is our recommended movement of choice here.


Metcon (Calories)

On the 0:00… 21/15 Calorie Row On the 1:30 - 18/13 Calorie Row On the 3:00 - 15/11 Calorie Row On the 5:00… 21/15 Calorie Row On the 6:30 - 18/13 Calorie Row On the 8:00 - 15/11 Calorie Row On the 10:00… 21/15 Calorie Row On the 11:30 - 18/13 Calorie Row On the 13:00 - 15/11 Calorie Row 9 Intervals, and inside of so, 3 "waves". Descending from largest to smallest calorie count, our aim is to keep our intensity high throughout each effort. In between waves, note that the window is extended by an additional 30s for recovery purposes. The start times are purposefully written as so. Naturally, we want to be cognizant of our own capacity on the rower and choose a calorie total that is attainable for where we are today. We are aiming to be complete with the first row, the largest, by the 50s mark. If this is not the case for us today, below are some options for modifications: 18/13 Calories 15/11 Calories 12/9 Calories Or 15/11 Calories 12/9 Calories 9/7 Calories

------- "Think like an immigrant. Act like an artisan". To think like an immigrant. To think, like nothing is owed to us. Nothing promised. There’s no legacy spot awaiting me, and I’m not owed a job, a title bump, or a promotion That no matter what or who I was yesterday, I’m brand new here, today. So I better plan to work harder than I ever have before to achieve my goals. And to act, like an Artisan. In the middle-ages, before mass production, every pair of shoes, every saddle, tool and utensil were made by hand. All one-off productions. By a creator, called an Artisan. Artisans took great pride in their work, and would carve their initials into each piece they created. Think like an immigrant, and act like an Artisan. Regardless of what we’ve accomplished, nothing is owed to us. We’re new here, and we must earn everything. And in everything we do, take so much care and quality that we could proudly etch our name into the side of our work for the world to see.

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