Tuesday, February 5

Using the running clock today like yesterday, managing our time between parts. This is not an everyday occurrence going forward - and instead purely in place when specific intentions with our training are in place. Challenging ourselves in fatigued states is part of our sport, but is not an everyday piece. Today, we will do so with handstand walk practice coming shortly after a conditioning event. Power Snatch technique work to start our day off, leading into our conditioning with a moderate power snatch load involved. Handstand walk practice to follow, getting onto our hands after a shoulder taxing workout. Stamina conditioning to finish, combining midline work, rowing, and kipping handstand pushups. ACTIVATION 2 Rounds: :30s Light Bike + :30s Reverse Samson :30s Moderate Bike + 10 Dowel Passovers + 5 Overhead Squats :30s Fast Bike + :30s Walkouts + 5 Barbell Overhead Squats 2 Rounds: :20s Jumprope (singles or doubles) :30s Empty Barbell OHS Hold (bottom) :60s Thoracic Opener

Tempo Power Snatch (Emom 10)

10 Sets: 1 Tempo Power Snatch From the ground to knee level, take a full (5) seconds to slowly bring the bar into position. At the moment the bar crosses over the knee, accelerate into an aggressive extension, into a full power snatch. In the catch position, pause for a full 3-seconds.

Sets #1+2+3 - 60% Sets #4+5+6 - 65% Sets #7+8 - 70% Sets #9+10 - 70-75%, based on feel.

On the 0:00... "Double Bubble" (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 15: 25 Double-Unders, 5 Power Snatches (135/95) 25 Double-Unders, 5 Bar Muscle-Ups

"Double Bubble" tests our stamina. In this 15:00 AMRAP, our focus of effort is going to be on the middle 10:00. From minutes 4:00-14:00. Although this sounds a bit strange to read, these minutes between those two marks is where the vast majority of athletes will fall off pace. A common trend in such a workout is that athletes come out looking very strong, with quick work on the snatches and potentially unbroken sets on the bar muscle-ups. But about 4:00 in, we slow dramatically as the movements "catch up" with us. This carries until the 14:00 mark, where in the final 60 seconds, we're able to turn it back up for a final push. If we can enter this workout thinking about those critical minutes, 4:00-14:00, we'll can move better towards the right pace to Open with. The first two rounds are tempting to move quickly on as we are fresh, but these movements are two that can slow down for us very quickly. We'll find our best score today by focusing on sustaining stamina in our skills, versus absolute raw work capacity. Burpees and power cleans can be an example of the opposite. On the double-unders, if there's one thing we truly want to think through, it's to relax the wrists and shoulders. By allowing a brief moment of composure after picking up the rope, it can allow us to move through these 25 repetitions with minimal wasted effort. "Wasted" as in, energy spent pushing through a challenging set. We can picture an athlete fighting for the final reps… jumping higher, recruiting more shoulders into the mix, and straining to finish the reps. It won't be a single double-under set that overly fatigues us - it will be the compounded effect of several rounds over time that amount to significant fatigue. If we can move in feeling composed by slowing our transition by an extra moment, we afford ourselves the chance to move with our best efficiency here, affording us capacity on the pull-up bar and barbell late in the workout

Metcon (No Measure)

On the 20:00... Handstand Walk Practice Not for Score: 10:00 of Handstand Walk Practice After a 5:00 break from "Double Bubble", we are moving into handstand walk practice. "Double Bubble" is naturally a shoulder taxing workout, resulting in this practice being realistic and challenging. Using a 25' section, mark every 5'. This is to bring the familiarity of the Open standard seen last year to our practice. On the handstand walks, mark a 25' section in 5' increments. If we come down during the handstand walk, we'll retrace back to the last successfully completed section. This is in preparation of a 25' section that may come in the Open, where stopping after 25' to turn around is a skill in and of itself. If we are working towards our first handstand walk, or building our consistency, click "Workout Prep Notes" for recommended drills for today.

Handstand Weight Shifting - http://youtu.be/OAfvOJUovdg This drill gains confidence and familiarity shifting our weight from one hand to the other. Take this movement slow. A common fault here is that our hips move, but our weight actually does not shift. We bend quickly at the side, but this does not translate to the skill we are looking to develop. One inch at a time, slowly weight one hand, while maintaining an active midline. Slowly shift back and to the other side. Short sets here - if we push too far in duration, we likely start to sacrifice technique to support ourselves. Box Shoulder Taps - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2IH6omfYec&feature=youtu.be Lifting the hand off the ground while inverted is best done first on the box, as it reduces the "loading" of the handstand. Over time, it is our goal to be able to couple this shoulder tap, or at a minimum, alternating hands off the ground, while on the wall in the first drill. Alternate between these two drills for 10:00, in a honed, focused setting of practice.

Metcon (3 Rounds for time)

On the 40:00... Stamina Conditioning On the 4:00 x 3 Sets: 15 GHD Sit-Ups 15/12 Calorie Row 15 Kipping HSPU Rounds start on the 0:00, 4:00, and 8:00. Time inside each window after repetition completion is rest. Record all three working times below (time of each round to completion). Our aim here is to complete the handstand pushups in at most two sets with quick transitions between - and by the 3:15 mark. If we are still working by the 3:15 mark, cap our efforts there each round.

---------------- "In 20 years from now, you’ll be more disappointed in the things you didn’t do." - Mark Twain Starting, can be the single largest challenge in life. It’s the human condition - we don’t like change. We prefer the status quo, because we know what to expect. It’s familiar and comfortable. It’s safe. Yet playing it safe, is ironically the most dangerous thing we can do. In 20 years from now, we won’t look back with regrets on the things we tried. If there’s regret, it will be on what we didn’t

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