Monday, February 4

Week 5 of Racehorse. The Open is less than a month away. Starting our day and our week on the barbell, focusing on positions overhead with jerk practice. This will lead us into an "On the Minute" drill with the full Clean and Jerk, building towards 90% at the end of the ladder. To finish our olympic work, we'll transition into five heavy singles on the front squat. Conditioning comes next in the form of a mid-range sprint... a 21-15-9 of kettlebell swings, box jump overs, and front squats. Body Armor to finish. ACTIVATION Rotating Stations Every 1:00, for 15 (3 Rounds): Station 1 - :50s Row (light pace) Station 2 - :20s Jump Rope + 10 Slow Air Squats Station 3 - :50s Warrior Squats Station 4 - 5 Good Mornings, 5 Strict Presses, 5 Front Squats Station 5 - 15 AbMat Sit-Ups + 10 Hollow Rocks

Jerk Technique (5x3,5x3,5x2)

Two skill-based drills to start, with pausing split jerks to finish to apply towards the full movement. A) Press in Split - 5 Sets of 3 B) Tall Jerk - 5 Sets of 3 C) Pausing Split Jerk - 5 Sets of 2 Press in Split - 5 Sets of 3 As a refresher on the movement… On the press in split, we are stepping out to our receiving position, followed by 3 strict presses on each set. This affords us the chance to dial in our footwork at the static position, finding our balance and spread load between the two feet. Weight is secondary here to confirming positions - build steadily, but only to a moderate load. Tall Jerk - 5 Sets of 3 On the tall jerk, our main focus is speed. Whereas in the press in split that preceded this movement confirms our positioning in the receiving position, this movement trains our speed to get there. Press the bar to just above forehead level, and then imagine that being our new ceiling. The bar can't move any higher. Instead of pushing the bar any higher, we drop beneath the bar, effectively driving ourself beneath it. This should be far less loading (at least to start) than the press in split. Start with an empty barbell and only increase in small increments if we feel we are moving at our best. Pausing Split Jerk - 5 Sets of 2 Two pauses here - in the drip (of the dip drive), and on the catch (in the split). Focusing on rigidity and stability throughout the movement, we are looking to steadily build to 73% for three sets of two repetitions. Set #1 – 2 Reps @ 63% of 1-Rep Split Jerk Set #2 – 2 Reps @ 68% of 1-Rep Split Jerk Sets #3,4,5 – 2 Reps @ 73% of 1-Rep Split Jerk

Clean and Jerk (On the 0:00 Clean and Jerk)

On the Minute x 11: On the 0:00... 1 Clean and Jerk @ 70% On the 1:00... 1 Clean and Jerk @ 75% On the 2:00... 1 Clean and Jerk @ 80% On the 3:00... Rest On the 4:00... 1 Clean and Jerk @ 75% On the 5:00... 1 Clean and Jerk @ 80% On the 6:00... 1 Clean and Jerk @ 85% On the 7:00... Rest On the 8:00... 1 Clean and Jerk @ 80% On the 9:00... 1 Clean and Jerk @ 85% On the 10:00... 1 Clean and Jerk @ 90% All repetitions are intended to be squat cleans, with athlete's choice on the overhead (push or split jerk). Building upwards to 90%, our aim today is to put some heavy, but not maximal, loads overhead. At the 15:00 on the clock, we will be starting our next part - Front Squats.

Front Squat (On the 15:00... Front Squat)

On the Minute x 5: 1 Front Squat Starting at, or slightly above our final clean and load, we have five sets of a single front squat. All repetitions taken from the rack. Aim here is similar to our clean and jerks - let's move well here. Not seeking a max effort 1RM, but looking to find the heavy stimulus for the day. Working towards 90% of our estimated 1RM Front Squat is a strong place to be here.

On the 30:00... "Funny Bone" (Time)

21-15-9: Kettlebell Swings (70/53) Box Jump Overs (30"/24") Front Squats (135/95) A short, but high intensity 21-15-9 as our conditioning for the day. Stimulus wise, we are looking for a workout where we can hang onto both the kettlebell and front squat loads for either unbroken, or very large sets. The loads are on the challenging side for these repetitions (most especially in the 21's and 15's), so meeting this stimulus is intended to be challenging. Moving through this workout at reserved pace illicits an entirely different response than if we attack it. Let's bring some good intensity to this mid-range sprint today. Further, stimulus wise, we are looking for the following two conditions to be met: Kettlebell Swings - Confident we could complete 25+ repetitions unbroken, when fresh. Front Squats - Confident we could complete 25+ repetitions unbroken, when fresh. Modifying the loads to ensure we meet that criteria will allow us to go to the level of intensity we are aiming to reach today. It's less about if we "can" do the weights, and more about how well we can find the mid-range sprint stimulus with large sets, and minimal breaks. Strategy wise, let's move through the order. Kettlebell Swings - A heavier kettlebell, but also a movement that allows us to regulate our breathing. Of the three, this is where it is easiest to breath during the repetitions. With it's methodical movement, this station is less about pushing for a faster cycle time, and more about focusing on our breathing and cadence. It sets us up well for the following movements, where controlled breathing is more challenging. Finding the pendulum like motion of the swing and timing our breaths at the top can be a helpful focus point on rounds 2 and 3, coming off the front squats.

The first set needs to be straight. If we need to break it up, let's opt for a slightly lighter kettlebell. On the 15, aim to hang onto the bell. If we must break a single time in the workout, let it be here, for something along the lines of 9-6 or 8-7. On the third round, hang on. We want to push here for large sets as time will disappear between breaks, whereas if we just get to the box, we can start moving (albeit potentially a slow pace, we're still moving forward there. Box Jumps - Expect our "jump" to be challenged here on the first repetition. When we take a mental image of an athlete completing a kettlebell swing, we can see that it matches a jumping motion very closely. These "weighted jumps" will tax us for the box jump overs, so let's move into that first repetition by over-jumping. Aim to get higher into the air than we normally would, so that we make it atop the box. From there, methodical, tight motions are key. Wasted steps are super common on box jump overs, where we want to compact our movement into as little steps as possible, wasting as little energy as possible. Front Squats - The "grind" of the workout. Inside this movement, let's ensure we are allowing the bar to roll back to our finger tips, and that our front rack is secure. As one can imagine, a sound front rack position here pays off dividends, as the better we move here, the less energy we spend moving the bar through space. Fully expecting our legs to be taxed from the previous movements, we'll need to cue our midline to ensure we are upright with strong positions during each squat. Lastly, aim to find a breathing cadence here. With the bar pressed close to our throat, this can be challenging, and often we'll find ourselves not breathing well here. Find the place where we can breathe, and as we are moving through these repetitions, force the air in and out at the top.


3 "Giant Sets": 20 Single Arm Dumbbell Presses 20 Dummbell Bent Over Rows 10 Front Rack Dumbbell Reverse Lunges 10 Hang Dumbbell Reverse Lunges To finish our Wednesday, a Body Armor piece entailing simple dumbbell grunt work. On the single arm dumbbell presses, this is completed with two dumbbells in the front rack position. Alternate presses (left, right), for a total of 10 repetitions each side (20 total). On the dumbbell bent over rows, prop ourselves onto a bench, holding a single dumbbell with the working arm. Similar to above, 10 repetitions each side for 20 total. Last is our lunges - first 10 repetitions (or 5 each side), is completed with both weights in the front rack. Second 10 repetitions is held at the hang. Free to build in loading over the three sets, and we are allowed to use different dumbbell weights for different exercises. But let's keep the "giant" set mentality in line here, moving from station to station with a purpose. Rest as needed between sets.

"Integrity is not a noun. It’s a verb." Integrity is a word we’re all familiar with. Overused in many contexts, the word can lose its power. It’s potential. Just about everyone "knows" right from wrong. And if tone knows right from wrong, they could be said to "have integrity", as they possess the requisite knowledge. Yet, we know that’s not what real integrity is - as not everyone *acts* with integrity. Real integrity, is action. Not a "thing", but a living and breathing lens we live our lives through that we must refine every, single, day. Yesterday matters. But never nearly as much, as right now.

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