Saturday, February 2

Rounding out week four of "Racehorse". Starting with sets building to a moderate-to-heavy "Close Grip" Overhead Squat triple. Here, we are aiming to move as close to our jerk grip as possible, as long as our movement holds sound. Conditioning to follow, in two parts: 1. A barbell-centric effort with both overhead squats and power clean and jerks. 2. Run conditioning in five separate intervals. ACTIVATION 1:30 Bike (Slow) 20 Hollow Rocks 20 Superman Rocks 1:00 Bike (Moderate) 15 Hollow Rocks 15 Superman Rocks :30 Bike (Fast) 10 Hollow Rocks 10 Superman Rocks After each round, complete the below mobility: After the 20's - :30s Spiderman and Reach After the 15's - :30s Walkouts After the 10s - :30s Reverse Samson - Video Dumbbell Primer (with a light dumbbell): 2 Rounds: 3 Deadlifts (each arm) 3 Hang Cleans (each arm) 3 Strict Presses (each arm) 3 Hang Snatches (each arm)

Close Grip Overhead Squat (5 x 3)

Part A) 5 Sets of 3 With grip as narrow to "jerk width" we can, building to a heavy set of 3 with all repetitions taken from the rack.Form over load today - elbows must be locked out throughout, heels down, and in sound control as we build to a heavy set. Part B) Pause Overhead Squat With 75% of our heaviest triple completed above, 2 x 30s holds in the bottom of our squat. Rest as needed between sets.

Over Easy (Time)

For Time: 50/35 Calorie Bike "Buy-In" Directly into… 3 Rounds: 21 CTB Pull-Ups 15 Overhead Squats 9 Power Clean and Jerks

Rx Barbell - 115/80 If we do not have access to a bike today, equal calories on the rower fits well here. A buy-in bike into a three-round effort. Stimulus wise, we are looking for a weight on the barbell that we are very confident we could complete 15+ repetitions with, on either movement when fresh. On this initial bike, visualize the pace we would hold if we were completing double the calories (100/70). Although we want to move with a purpose here, a bigger threat inside this workout is extra breaks on the movements of the triplet that follow, which will quickly eat up seconds we gain by pushing the bike. Further, on the final handful of calories, ease off the speed in order to regulate our breathing and prepare. We want an immediate transition to the three-rounder. On the CTB pull-ups, begin with the end in mind. Visualize the third and final round of repetitions, and how we would break those up. This scheme is best applied in round one, allowing us to preserve our sets, while possibly transitioning faster in the earlier rounds as we are a bit more fresh. But having this rough game plan in mind gives us check-points in each set, versus getting on the bar and moving until we feel we need to break. This is often where we edge a little too far, slowing in the following rounds. On the barbell work, these will impact each other. Expect our jump on the clean and jerks to feel taxed after the overhead squats. The hips will be pre-fatigued, and focusing on firing aggressively can help us move through these repetitions. Pacing wise, aim for large sets on the OHS. Naturally, this movement requires a longer transition between sets, so being able to move through these sets with at most a single break (9-6, or 8-7) is where we want to be. On the following power clean and jerks, we may find that fast singles are the best option fo

-------------- "Impossible is nothing but a word thrown around by small individuals, who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given, than to explore the power they have to change it." – Mohammed Ali One of the greatest to enter the boxing ring offers us a quote that effectively summarizes his legacy in a single sentence. Who we are today, is a direct reflection of our choices from yesterday. And who we will become tomorrow, will be a reflection of the choices we make today. There’s no talent here. No born ability. Only, choices. The question arises - will there be a difference?

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