Friday, February 1

"Game Day Friday". After barbell-oriented "Game Day Friday" events, we are shifting gears, to a nearly all bodyweight piece. With higher volume gymnastics in the mix, it will be our stamina and conditioning tested across 20 minutes, Body Armor to close. ACTIVATION Not for Time: 3 Rounds: 20/15 Light Bike :30s Alternating Samson Stretches 1 Round of Strict Cindy :30s Spidermans

Wet Floor (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 20: 75 Wallballs (20/14) 60/45 Calorie Row 45 Toes to Bar 30 Burpee BJO (24"/20") 15 Ring Muscle-Ups In "Wet Floor", we have a gymnastic based "Open"-style chipper. As one can imagine, both conditioning at the aerobic level is only one of multiple factors in this 20 minute AMRAP. Many can "muscle through" most of these movements, yet that only gets us so far. Pacing our stamina inside the movements will be the focus of effort, finding a sustainable pace forward. Starting with the wallballs, manageable chunks fit well here, naturally. And despite how we never want to reach failure inside this movement, we recognize that we are moving into the row next. The first handful of calories can be used as a recovery until we find our working pace. Finishing a single round of this chipper will be challenging. And upon so if we do, we can expect our shoulders to be taxed. Coming off the burpee box jumps and work on the rings, we may be surprised with the need to move to smaller sets right off the bat. Good to expect it so we have a plan of action in place. Moving onto the rower, we again recognize that we can use the first few calories as a recovery. From there, we do want to find a pace that leaves us uncomfortable, but does not sacrifice our immediate transition to a sizable set of TTB (our next station). Visualizing this pace as an intensity we could hold for 200 calories for time, we're moving, but at a very sustainable pace with the larger picture in mind. The rower can be a chance for ourselves to regain our composure.

The toes to bar is a set count that can absolutely add up quickly, impacting the integrity of our kip swing. Movement failure, whether here or on the rings at the end of the chipper, are the two "need to avoids" of the workout. Finding ourselves here is dangerous as time slides by incredibly quick. Recognizing that movement failure (or the loss of the kip swing in relation to the TTB) is an easy possibility if we bite off sets too large, let's be conservative here. Fast 5's on such a sizeable set can trump sets of 10 with large breaks between. On the burpee box jumps, although a similar theme, let's slow our pace a touch here. Methodical, consistent, tight movement patterns. Never fast, but never stopping. This will allow us to move into the ring muscle-ups with sizable sets, which is hugely impactful in today's workout. Here, with the complexity of the movement, we'll have the most separation between athletes. Or perhaps better put, we'll face the largest amount of time not moving forward. Seconds between sets here run quickly, so we want to set ourselves for success on the previous burpee box jump overs.

Metcon (No Measure)

3 Sets of 8: Alternating Dumbbell Snatch 3 Sets of 8: Romanian Deadlift Midline: 3 Sets: :30s on, :30s off - GHD Sit-Ups 2 Sets: :30s on, :30s off - Hip Extensions 1 Set: 1:00 on, GHD's Not for score on all parts, but for quality movement. On the dumbbell snatch, aim is to build gradually to a heavy set of 8. If we reach a limit on the loading, add a layer of difficulty/complexity by turning these into 3x8 alternating dumbbell squat snatches. On the Romanian deadlifts, these are again deadlifts where the barbell is lowered as closely to the ground between repetitions, *but does not actually touch the ground*.

-------- "What you dwell on, is what you become." – Oprah Winfrey This message has been made, many times, in many ways, by many people. It’s a theme that is shared among the successful, for a specific reason: Humans are the ultimate adaptation machine. The most malleable species on the planet. It’s incredibly important to be thoughtful of what we think about, for what we "dwell" on will come to life. A tragedy is that most will dwell on a negative image of themselves. That they aren’t the right person to accomplish their aspirations. That they don’t have what it takes. That, in and of itself, is the death sentence, as the mind will rapidly turn that into truth. But the funny thing is none of us currently "have what it takes"... otherwise we’d already be there. We’re all in the same boat, driving forward with everything we got, figuring things out along the way. Sp Instead of dwelling on the thought of not having what it takes, dwell on the thought of *acquiring* what it takes. Dwell on an image of you, busting your ass. Dwell on an image of you, sweating, bending over backwards, in order to achieve the goal. Dwell on an image of you struggling more than you ever have in your life… and succeeding. Dwell on a vision of you, accomplishing your goals. Dwell on that, and nothing will be able to stop us.

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