Saturday, January 19

The finish of Week 2 of "Racehorse". Today our focus is on Odd-Object Conditioning, utilizing dumbbells. Our first part couples a higher skill gymnastic movement with burpee dumbbell clean and jerks (Devils Press). Our second part involves interval training with a lighter dumbbell, coupled with pull-ups and biking. Our third and final part involves weighted sit-ups with the dumbbell and two final midline movements. ACTIVATION 1:30 Bike (Slow) 20 Hollow Rocks 20 Superman Rocks 1:00 Bike (Moderate) 15 Hollow Rocks 15 Superman Rocks :30 Bike (Fast) 10 Hollow Rocks 10 Superman Rocks After each round, complete the below mobility: After the 20's - :30s Spiderman and Reach - Video After the 15's - :30s Walkouts

Devilish (Time)

For Time: 1 Devils Press (60's/40's), 1 Burpee Bar Muscle-Up 2 Devils Press (60's/40's), 2 Burpee Bar Muscle-Ups 3 Devils Press (60's/40's), 3 Burpee Bar Muscle-Ups 4 Devils Press (60's/40's), 4 Burpee Bar Muscle-Ups 5 Devils Press (60's/40's), 5 Burpee Bar Muscle-Ups The Devils Press is a relatively new name for a burpee "ground to overhead" with dumbbells. The repetition starts with a burpee to the floor with hands on the dumbbells. As the athlete stands from the burpee, it's a ground to overhead movement, which in today's case, will be a power clean and jerk. It's intended to be heavy, and intended to be challenging given it's odd-object nature. Choosing a weight that we feel confident we could cycle 7+ power clean and jerks unbroken with, it's good to struggle here, but to struggle intelligently. On the burpee bar muscle-ups, this is a similar movement flow - a burpee, into the completion of a full bar muscle-up. In both burpees, with dumbbells of in the burpee bar muscle-up, the two foot standard introduced in the Open last year applies - two feet back together, two feet up together.

Road Rash (1 Rounds for time)

"On the 5:00" x 5 Rounds: 5 DB Hang Clean and Jerk, left arm (50/35) 5 DB Hang Clean and Jerk, right arm (50/35) 10 Alternating Dumbbell Power Snatches 10 CTB Pull-Ups 15/12 Calorie Assault Bike Record all five rounds, with our score for the day being our slowest of the five. Stimulus wise, we are looking for a loading that allows us to move through the 20 dumbbell repetitions unbroken if we went for it each round. Strategy wise, we may break after the 10 dumbbell hang clean and jerks, so that we can preserve our capacity for the final movements in the round, but we do not need to. This will preserve the conditioning stimulus, which we are after today. A very short and controlled break before the dumbbell snatches is good to go, but it is purely to conserve our grip capacity for the pull-ups if we need it - and the following dumbbell snatches will always be unbroken. Although the dumbbell catches our eye at first, the CTB pull-ups may prove to be the bigger challenge of the grouping. By the time we approach the pull-up bar, our pulling strength has been taxed. Kipping with our best efficiency as well as being mindful of our pacing here are two pivotal parts to keep in mind especially in the earlier rounds. If it comes to it, break before we need to on the CTB pull-ups, as we know how much time can disappear inside this movement if we have, or come close to, missed reps. If we do not have access to a bike today, this can be completed on the rower for equal calories.


3 "Giant" Sets, not for score: 20 Weighted Sit-Ups 25 x 4-Count Flutter Kicks :30s GHD Supine Hold - Video Rest 2:00 between sets. Athlete's choice on the weighted AbMat sit-ups, and we are allowed to anchor our feet. Holding a dumbbell or plate across the chest works well here. On the flutter kicks, the 4-count implies - left, right, left, right. That is a single repetition. Maintaining a tight flutter, these move quickly, but it is indeed a good amount of repetitions. If we need to break these 25 4-counts more than 3 times, we want to modify so that we can complete each round with 2 short breaks or less. Same applies to the GHD Supine hold - if we need to break this hold more than twice per round, let's reduce the time in order to achieve the stimulus.

----------- "People fail to achieve mastery, not because they aren’t talented, but because they aren’t disciplined." - Daniel Ping Our greatest strength as a human being: Malleability. Like a mold of playdough, the human being can mold and remold to whatever it desires. It’s fascinating when you really think about it. Yet over time, we can forget that, and say things like "I’m too old for that", or, "I’ll never be able to do that". Our "playdough" stays in form for so long, it hardens. And we can barely move it, if at all. However, with a single droplet of water at a time, one can start to soften the playdough. Indivisible to the eye at first, but over hundreds of droplets, allowing each to soak in, change starts to take place. The playdough moves again, restored. Playdough will always be playdough. We will always be malleable. We just need to bring the discipline, patience, and hard work.

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