Wednesday, January 2

Deload week. Three parts today. The first two are focused on the power clean. First, we'll start with some technique work, with "pausing" power clean repetitions. This will lead us into an "EMOM" of handstand pushups and power cleans. Conditioning is our main effort of the day - an AMRAP 20, combining rowing, double-unders, and a complex of power cleans, pushups, and air squats.

Power Clean Technique (5 x 4)

5 Sets: 1 x 3-Pause Power Clean 1 Power Clean

Set #1 - 50% of 1RM Power Clean Set #2 - 55% of 1RM Power Clean Sets #3+4+5 - 60% of 1RM Power Clean In the 3-Pause Power Clean, we have three separate positions we are pausing in. Pause #1 - Knee-Level Pause #2 - Mid-Thigh (Jumping Position) Pause #3 - Quarter Squat (Receiving Position) Purpose of the pausing power clean prior to the "full speed" repetition is to confirm these crucial positions. At knee-level, we are looking for a rigid midline with our lats engaged. Squeezing the armpits down, our lats will keep the bar close as it continues to rise. Lastly, at this position, we are looking for vertical shins. At the jumping position, roughly at mid-thigh, we are looking for a slight bend in the knee, with our shoulders just over the bar. We are not stacking our shoulders on our hips here - we want to stay over the bar so that we can utilize our posterior chain to it's full potential. Lastly, in the catch position, we are looking for a sound quarter squat position with the weight even distributed throughout the heel, with all 10 toes glued to the ground.

Power Clean + Handstand Pushup (Emom 6)

On the Minute x 6 Rounds: 30% of Max Kipping Handstand Pushups 3-3-2-2-1-1: Power Cleans Rounds #1+2 are completed with 3 Power Cleans. Rounds #3+4 are with 2, with Rounds #4+5 with 1. Throughout, it is our aim to build to moderate loads, but not full max effort sets. It is also worth noting that this can be a fair amount of work inside of the minute, with transitions being quick between. This is purposeful, and will force us to keep loading on the moderate side today as we practice moving heavier loads under light fatigue. If we are not completing handstand pushups today, today would be a great day to build our strict strength in a handstand hold, completing between 10-15 seconds per round at the start of each minute. This will become challenging, very quickly, so modifying this number to an appropriate amount that we are confident we could find for all six rounds.

*Note Hspu in comments

Air Walker (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 20: 25/18 Calorie Row 50 Double-Unders 3 Rounds of "The Chief" 1 Round of "The Chief": 3 Power Cleans (135/95) 6 Pushups 9 Air Squats

In "Air Walker", we have an excellent chance to hone in on our pacing efforts. With the rounds reaching into the longer side (~4-6 minutes), as well as there being a total of 7 transitions per round, it will be challenging to use the clock to check in on our pacing during. Instead, we need to operate by feel today. An analogy we've used in the past is that we are running a 5K race. And although we may never know what our exact pacing is during the race, we are able to gauge by feel very well. We recognize, with the larger picture in mind, that if we start to wind heavily early on in the race… we need to slow down and gather ourselves. And we find a pace that is sustainable. Definitely not "slow and comfortable", but rather the opposite. We find the fastest pace we could run, without ever having to slow down. And if we can do that (our threshold pace), we finish the race with our best time. We want to move into today's workout with that same mindset. Not knowing how long each round will take, and given how there will be many, many transitions to move through, it will be less about "how many reps" and more about "how fast". Stimulus wise, we are looking for a barbell that we are very confident we could complete unbroken (3 reps) throughout the entire workout. Another way to look at it is that we are aiming for a load we could complete for 21+ unbroken repetitions, when fresh.

---------- "Attempt the impossible, in order to improve your work." – Brian Tracey When we really think about it, that’s quite the statement. "Attempt the impossible". To try something that the world tells us cannot be. Where failure, is all but guaranteed. Where every sign is telling us we’re going to fall flat on our face, in front of everyone, embarassed. But then we again spend a moment in thought thinking about it. Even in the most outrageous attempts, where we essentially are promising ourselves defeat… something amazing happens. We learn. It’s not trying things to fail – it’s trying things, to learn. We know how the brain grows. It becomes better through stress. And if we live in the realm of comfort and confidence in everything we do, we cease to grow. We cease to improve. We’ve stagnated, and many would argue that stagnation is actually regression. Brian Tracey urges us to attempt the impossible, to stretch ourselves. To push our growth. To play in the places that make us feel quite literally stupid. Well knowing we are going to face plant, and laugh at our attempt. Because as much of a paradox as it seems, by feeling stupid, we become smarter.

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