Wednesday, December 5

ACTIVATION 10:00 Bike/Row Completed at a light, conversational pace, while dismounting to complete the following at the checkpoints: On the 2:00 - 10 Hollow Rocks + 10 Superman Rocks On the 4:00 - 3 Walkouts + 10 Air Squats + 3 Walkouts On the 6:00 - 10 Slow Burpees On the 8:00 - 10 Box Jump Up, Step Down On the 10:00 - 10 Slow Dumbbell Squats (light load, focusing on finding position)

Rugrats (5 Rounds for time)

On the 4:00 x 5 Rounds: 9 Burpee Box Jump Overs 15 Dumbbell Front Squats 15/12 Calorie Bike/Row In "Rugrats", we're bringing out intensity into intervals. The aim, stimulus wise, is to place us at round completion in the general viscinity of 2:30. This will naturally deviate somewhat between athletes, but if we are completing our first round closer to the 3:15-3:30 mark, we will not be able to sustain the intensity. If this is the case, we want to modify the repetition scheme by removing a handful of burpee box jump over repetitions and/or a handful of calories fro the bike. Let's aim to sustain the repetitions on the dumbbell front squats. To look a bit at the loading, we are looking to use a set of dumbbells that allows us to cycle 30+ repetitions unbroken, when fresh. This places us at a loading that we feel confident cycling with speed during the actual execution of the workout. "Open" standards apply here - we can front rack the dumbbells similar to how we would with a barbell, or we can place them on our shoulders. No "right or wrong" here, but by placing them on our shoulders and getting our hands on the base of the dumbbell provides the most secure fit, despite it taking a extra fraction of a second to get into position. With some practice in racking, this can be just as quick, and far more efficient in the longer haul with the bigger picture in mind. We want to bring a strong effort to the final bike. Burpee Box Jump Overs are the first movement of the triplet. Although we are in an interval here, we are not looking to sprint these at our top pace. Methodical aggression is our focus here. No wasted steps, tight movements, but not sprinting. Moving 2 seconds faster on these 9 repetitions can take significant effort out of us which is very easily lost in a transition, or on the bike. Dumbbell Front Squats come next. Here we are looking to cycle with speed. We naturally will train with workouts where we'll grind out larger sets, with small pause

Odd Object Conditioning (Time)

For Time: 50 Sit-Ups 75' Bear Crawl 100' Dumbbell Front Rack Lunge (50's/35's)

Rx+ Ghd, 75' HS Walk


Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)

3 Giant Sets: 10 Barbell Good Mornings 20 Dumbbell Box Step-Ups 30 Glute Bridges Rest 2:00 between sets.

Athlete's choice on all three movements, and we are free to build in loading over the course of the three sets. Our intentions however are to complete each set unbroken. Loads that challenge us, but those that allow our best technique - no less cause us to need to break repetitions up. Inside these "Giant Sets", we are not moving for time, but we are moving with purpose between. Visualize this as a 60 repetition "unbroken" set, as opposed to three movements that we casually move between. Let's move at our best, but move with a purpose.

------------ "When you complain, nobody wants to help you." – Steven Hawking Complaining is a contagious disease. And the worst part about it – it feels valid. Especially in that moment, it feels like it could be right. That it could be justified. But in that moment, we need to ask ourselves. Would you rather become weaker, or stronger? It’s not going to be the small instance today that makes the difference. Nor the small instances that may come the rest of this week. It’s the cumulation of these instances that kill us. Because in each moment that we complain, we are becoming weaker. It’s a conscious choice, every single time. Let’s choose to be stronger.

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