Friday, December 7

Moving towards the end of Week 6 of "Grindstone". Final week, and final iteration, of our Stamina Squats. Finishing with our 1/3 repetition scheme, at it's final 85%. Following, gymnastic practice. Spending 15:00 coupling strict toes to bar with handstand walk skills. Our conditioning effort today is a 3-round gymnastic biased piece, comprised of bar muscle-ups, deficit kipping handstand pushups, GHD sit-ups and heavy wallballs. To close, an endurance based bike. 3:00 Bike or Row Every minute, pick up our intensity just a touch. Starting from a very light conversational pace, let's progress to finish in the third and final minute with a moderate pace. 1 Round, walk through pace: 5 Strict Pull-Ups 10 Slow Pushups 15 Air Squats 20 AbMat Sit-Ups 40 Double-Unders :30s Walkouts :30s Alternating Samson Stretches :30s Warrior Squats

Stamina Squat 1&3 (Emom 12)

Alternating "On the Minute" x 12 (6 Rounds): Odd Minutes - 1 Front Squat Even Minutes - 3 Back Squats

*Both* lifts are performed with the same load: 85% of our estimated 1RM Front Squat.

Babs (Time)

3 Rounds: 10 Bar Muscle-Ups 20 Kipping HSPU 30 GHD Sit-Ups 40 Wallballs (30/20) Females to a 9' Target

A balance of gymnastics and simple conditioning, "Babs" is a three-rounder where we have the chance to test our capacities in these movements over a moderate amount of volume. A beneficial takeaway from today's effort will be to debrief internally how our gymnastic movements fared from round one through round three. As in, which repetition breakup strategy we took in round one, and how did that compare through the workout. Stimulus wise, we are looking for a count on these handstand pushups that allows us to complete ~20 unbroken when completely fresh if we tried. Inside the workout, we may break up the first set into 3 rounds for strategy purposes, but it's a manageable difficulty that can be completed in sizable sets throughout all three rounds. If we are not completing kipping handstand pushups today, a weighted substitute can be the dumbbell push press (one bell in each hand), with loadings that allow us to complete ~20 repetitions unbroken when fresh. Something we can all relate to, is "hitting the wall" on handstand pushups. A movement that cycles very well when we are fresh, but a movement that can also deteriorate quickly if we do not manage our efforts properly. Take conscious note in our mind as we move through the workout how we are breaking these sets up, so that we can learn from today's piece. Naturally, strategy will lie in how we break up these gymnastic movements to start. Visualizing the fatigue in round three, we can start to think through what our repetition scheme will look like on those two movements in that final round. Is that a single break, or two on the bar muscle-ups? Are we thinking four quick sets on the handstand pushups? The breakup strategy we think we'll be employing in round 3 is something we want to consider for round 2, and often even in round 1. It's when we open big and dramatically fall off towards the latter parts of the workout where we lose handfuls of seconds. The GHD and the wallballs add the grit to the wo


Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)

Practice Window: 15:00 8 Strict Toes to Bar 25' Handstand Walk Obstacle Course

Metcon (Calories)

Not for Score: 50:00 Effort Minutes 1-7 - Light Pace Minutes 8-10 - Moderate Pace Repeat this cycle for a total of five iterations. Aim is keep our pacing on the "moderate" minutes truly on the manageable side. We should be close to a conversational pace throughout this entire piece. Building in a longer base this week.

-------------------- "There are risks and costs of a program of action. But they are far less, than the long-range risks and costs of inaction." - John F. Kennedy Change may be one of the single most paralyzing things. Because in the lack of change… is safe. It’s comfortable. But in that comfort, we are literally confining ourselves to a box. A world that cannot grow further than what it has already grown to. If we want to grow, we need to face the terror of change. Face the chance that we may fail. Face the chance that we may embarrass ourselves. Face the chance, that we may never be "safe" again. But, if we want the life of our dreams, there’s only one person that can do that for us. Ourselves. When we realize that it is ourselves, not our circumstances, holding us back, safety becomes the least safe thing we can so. The only risk now, is to play it safe. To stay in our box. Only you control what you can be.

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