Wednesday, November 7

Opening our day with a benchmark we'll see again at the finish of "Grindstone". A barbell-cycling 3:00 AMRAP combining the power snatch, power cleans, push jerks, and overhead squats. Odd-Object conditioning to follow with a Wreckbag. Preferably completed with a teammate for work/rest training, but an individual version is also available below. ACTIVATION EMOM x 12 (3 Rounds) Minute 1 – 200 Meter Run Minute 2 – :30s Plank Hold + :30s Dowel Passovers Minute 3 – 50s Bike or Row Minute 4 – Two Parts of the BB Warmup Barbell Warmup: Round 1 - 5 Good Mornings + 5 Back Squats Round 2 - 5 Snatch Grip Deadlifts + 5 Hang Muscle Snatches Round 3 - 5 Snatch-Grip Behind the Neck Jerks + 5 Overhead Squats

Bar Fight (AMRAP - Reps)

In a 3:00 Window: 9 Power Snatches 15 Power Cleans 21 Push Jerks Time remaining, Max OHS (95/65) Score is total overhead squats. The repetitions on the movements prior to do not count towards the total.

Rx+ 135/95

Wrecking Crew (AMRAP - Rounds)

Teams of 2, 5 Rounds: 2 x 100 Meter Wreckbag/WallBall Run/ Dball Carry (one each) 2 x 200 Meter Run (one each) 40/30 Calorie Row (split as desired) Wreckbag - 70/50 Dball 80

Wrecking Crew Individual (Time)

5 Rounds: 100 Meter Wreckbag Run 200 Meter Run 30/21 Calorie Row Wreckbag - 70/50

--------------- "If something is important enough, you should try." – Elon Musk Yes, we might fail. Yes, we might embarrass our self. Yes, we may even look back and laugh at what we chose to do. But if it’s truly important enough, let’s go. It’s easy for us to judge a situation with no other inputs aside from history, and assumptions. Great data points to have on our side, but they are exactly that – assumptions of the future. What it is… the new job, asking out the girl on the first date, changing lifestyles… if it’s truly that important to us, it at least deserves a try. Let’s not be the ones on our deathbeds repeating those horrific words – "I should have tried".

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