Wednesday, November 14

Barbell Cycling to start our day, with a modified version of the "Big Clean" Complex. Traditionally for load, we are now fixing a clock to the efforts at lower percentages. Following, a short but high intensity couplet of running and kettlebell thrusters. Row conditioning to close. ACTIVATION 6:00 Bike On Minutes 0, 2, 4 - Light easy pace. On MInutes 1-3-5 - Moderate pace, growing in intensity. 2 Rounds, Not for Time: 3 Walkouts 7 Slow Barbell Overhead Squats (empty) 15 Sit-Ups Snatch Barbell Warmup (empty barbell) 2 Sets: 3 Good Mornings 3 Back Squats 3 Snatch Grip Presses (behind the neck) 3 Stiff Legged Deadlifts (Snatch grip) 3 Hang Muscle Snatches

Big Clean Complex - No Jerk (4 x 9)

On the 0:00 - 1 "Big Clean" Complex @ 45% On the 4:00 - 1 "Big Clean" Complex @ 50% On the 8:00 - 1 "Big Clean" Complex @ 55% On the 12:00 - 1 "Big Clean" Complex @ 60%

On these repetitions, we will be completing only the squat cleans of the classical "Big Clean" Complex. These percentages are based off our 1RM Squat Clean. Each complex is a total of (9) repetitions: 1 High Hang Squat Clean (pockets), 1 Hang Squat Clean (knees), 1 Squat Clean 1 High Hang Squat Clean (pockets), 1 Hang Squat Clean (knees), 1 Squat Clean 1 High Hang Squat Clean (pockets), 1 Hang Squat Clean (knees), 1 Squat Clean The aim is to hold onto the bar for all (9) repetitions. This is the same "Big Clean" complex we have completed before, but without the overheads. In the traditional workout, there is a push press, push jerk, and split jerk after every 3 cleans. Purely focusing on our squat clean cycling today

Breaking Bad (Time)

200 Meter Run, 2 DB/Kettlebell Thrusters 200 Meter Run, 4 DB/Kettlebell Thrusters 200 Meter Run, 6 DB/Kettlebell Thrusters 200 Meter Run, 8 DB/Kettlebell Thrusters 200 Meter Run, 10 DB/Kettlebell Thrusters

Rx - 2 x 50's/35's This is completed with two Db/kettlebells, one for each hand. Stimulus wise, we are looking for a loading that we are confident we could complete 10+ repetitions unbroken with, when fresh. Heavy and challenging, but unbroken through the first handful of sets, with at most one break per round on the 8's and 10's. If we do not have the ability to run today, complete on the Assault Bike for 15/12 calories per round or 250/225m Row

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