Thursday, November 22

Recovery Thursdays. Mobility to prepare for the remainder of the week. If you have access to the gym and would like to head in to mobilize further, that is ideal. But the below stretches are designed so that we can do these at home, if need be. 3:00Min Bike/Row/Shuttle Run --- Upper Body --- 1. Puppy Pose - 1:00 2. Shoulder to Floor - 1:00/each 3. Wrist Stretches - 1:00 --- Lower Body --- 1. Couch Stretch - 2:00/each 2. Pigeon Pose - 2:00/each 3. Butterfly - 1:30 4. Pike - 1:00 5. Straddle - 1:00 6. Kneeling Split - 1:00

Bench Press (EMOM 12)

Choose a weight for 3 reps & a weight for 6 reps. Alternate every minute for 12 minutes. Try and use the same weight for the 3's all 6 sets and a lighter weight, but the same weight for 6 sets of 6. Unless it's too light then add.

No Rest Days - Partner Wod (AMRAP - Rounds)

20 Min Amrap: *one partner completes full round, then next partner completes full round and so on. Combined score of total rounds completed 12 Thrusters 95/65 9 DB Ground to Overhead 50s/35s 6 DB Box Step Overs 50s/35s, 24"/20" box 3 Burpees

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