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November 22, 2018


Workout Definition

Three parts to close out our testing week.

Rope climb conditioning to start, coupling both legless and legged rope climbs with running.

Following, two separate conditioning workouts, both involving two parts to each of them.

On the Minute x 15 (3 Rounds):
Minute 1 – :50s Row
Minute 2 – :50s Mobility Station (rotates, see below)
Minute 3 – 5 Scap Retractions + 5 Kip Swings
Minute 4 – 6 Burpees + 12 AbMat Sit-Ups
Minute 5 – 5 Snatch Grip Deadlifts + 5 Hang Hang Muscle Snatches

Round 1 – Spiderman and Reach, each leg
Round 2 – Walkouts
Round 3 – Reverse Samson and Reach

Push Press (10-8-6-4-2)

Alternating "On the Minute" x 10:
Odd Minutes - 50 Double-Unders
Even Minutes - 10-8-6-4-2


'Boats and Toes' (Time)

Teams of 3, with a 30:00 Time Cap:
50-40-30-20-10: Cal Row + Burpee BJ (24"/20")
Directly into...
50-40-30-20-10: Toes to Bar + Power Snatches

Round 1 Barbell - 75/55
Round 2 Barbell - 95/65
Round 3 Barbell - 115/80
Round 4 Barbell - 135/95
Round 5 Barbell - 155/105

A metabolic start with the combination of rowing and burpee box jumps, which will transition to a higher skill combination of toes to bar and ascending weight power snatches.

If we reach the time cap, submit a time of 30:00 plus :01s for every repetition not completed.

'Boats and Toes' Individual (Time)

Calorie Row
Burpee Box Jumps (24"/20")

Directly into...

Toes to Bar
Power Snatches

Round 1 Barbell - 95/65
Round 2 Barbell - 115/80
Round 3 Barbell - 135/95
Round 4 Barbell - 155/105

"If you have everything under control, you’re not moving fast enough." - Mario Andretti

When we are truly going for it, there is an unmistakable sense of being slightly out of control.

The author of this quote, Mario Andretti, is one of the most successful race car drivers of all time. To bank turns at speeds that could without question kill, and do it with this mindset, speaks to the feeling of chasing down something great.

There will be the feeling that we aren’t sure about the next corner.
We won’t be 100% sure that things are tied down.
We won’t be 100% sure what’s around that next corner.
But we’re going anyways.

Anything worth doing, will illicit really, really uncomfortable feelings. We know this, and we can expect this. The separating factor is our ability to settle in the eye of the storm. To find our calm, as to dive into the next turn at 100mph… even when we don’t know for sure what’s around the corner. Do we get lost in the chaos, or does our focus and commitment to our true north continue our path forward?

We seek this feeling. To honestly be slightly out of control. It’s the feeling of being outside of our comfort zone – or in other words, "where the magic happens".

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