Wednesday, October 3

Starting our day with handstand walk practice, which will prime our shoulders for the overhead barbell work to follow. Spending the next three weeks building into a jerk micro-progression, with Day 1 today. Conditioning to follow - a repeat workout from November of last year. "Long Gone". Body Armor to finish our Wednesday, coupling barbell bench press repetitions with deadlifts. --------------

EMOM x 8 (2rds) Min 1 - :55s Bike/Row Min 2 - :30s Plank Hold + :30s Pvc Passthrough Min 3 - 5 Strict DB Presses. each arm (pause at top) Min 4 - 7 Good Mornings + 7 Elbow Rotations + 5 Push Presses

Long Gone (AMRAP - Reps)

5 Rounds: AMRAP 1:00 at each station: Wallballs (20/14) Dumbbell Snatch (50/35) Calorie Row Rest 1:00 between rounds

*please do not drop dumbells from overhead

Jerk Technique (Emom 11)

Pausing Split Jerk - 3 Sets of 2 Jerk Drive + Split Jerk - 3 Sets of the Complex Split Jerk - 5 Sets of 1


Bench/Deads (5 x 10x10)

5 Supersets: 10 Barbell Bench Press 10 Romanian Deadlifts Rest 2:00 between sets.

---------- "Shallow people believe in luck and circumstance. Strong people believe in cause and effect" – Ralph Waldo Emerson We have a choice – to believe that life is happening to us, or that we are fully in control. That life is a direct reflection of the choices that we make. That the good, bag, ugly, and everything in between is a direct result of our actions. We can stand by, and wait for life to happen to us. Or we can choose to believe that we have a say in our own story, that we are the writers of our script, that we have complete control over what happens next. Ask ourselves – at the end of the day, are we going to allow our life to be dictated to us by chance, or by choice?

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