Monday, September 10

Workout Definition Coming off our de-load week, and ready to get back to work. Starting a five-week progression on the snatch today, progressively building in towards heavy snatch doubles and singles each Monday. Snatch Accessory work and Back Squats to follow, spending the majority of our training efforts for the day on the barbell. Ring Muscle-Up work comes next, which will lead us into our Conditioning for the day.

WARMUP At very low intensity 1 rd 15 Cal Row/Bike + 15 Banded Good Mornings 12 Cal Row/Bike + 10 Wall Squats 9 Cal Row/Bike + 5 Walkouts

Snatch Complex EMOM (EMOM x 11)

On the Minute x 11: Minutes 1+2+3 - Snatch Pull + Hang Sq Snatch + Sq Sn Minute 4 - Rest Minutes 5+6+7 - 2 Squat Snatches Minute 8 - Rest Minutes 9+10+11: 1 Squat Snatch

Back Squat (3 x 9 + Max Effort Ring MU)

3 Supersets: 9 Back Squats Max Reps Ring Muscle-Ups Set #1 - 9 Back Squats @ 64% Set #2 - 9 Back Squats @ 68% Set #3 - 9 Back Squats @ 72% Building upon these back squat percentages in the coming weeks. In regards to the ring muscle-ups, we are looking to move directly into it with as few seconds transition between. Aiming for a large, but consistent set across all three rounds. Scale Ring Muscle Up with Pullup/Dip Rest as needed between sets, but aim to keep it to 3:00 or less. All repetitions taken from the rack.

E-Brake (Time)

3 Rounds: 400 Meter Run 20 DB Snatches (50/35) 15/12 Cal Row/Bike

Rx+ DB 70/50, 20/15 Cal Row/Bike

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