Thursday, August 30

1 Minute Easy Row/Bike/Shuttle Active Spidermans :45 Seconds Moderate Row/Bike/Shuttle Active Samson + Air Squat :30 Seconds Faster Row/Bike/Shuttle Push-up to Down Dog 1 Minute PVC Hinge Drill: This drill will be performed with a PVC pipe in order to give athletes some awareness of what neutral feels like during their hinge pattern of the kettlebell swings. Athletes will start by placing the PVC pipes vertically running along the back of the body with three points of contact. The goal is to keep the PVC in contact with the back of the head, between the shoulder blades, and the lower back throughout the whole hinge pattern. When the back rounds, the neck arches back, or the core becomes disengaged, one part of the PVC will lose contact with the body. Having athletes perform 1 minute of hinging will give them valuable feedback to transfer over into the workout.

Bench Press (5 x 5)

Increase weight each successful set

Fight Back (AMRAP - Reps)

5 Rounds: 1 Minute Kettlebell Swings (50/35) 1 Minute Reverse Lunges 1 Minute Calorie Row/Bike/10m Shuttle Runs 1 Minute Rest

"Fight Back" has athletes working for 3 minutes straight before resting for 1 minute. The score today is the lowest number of reps in any round of the five rounds. For example, if athletes cumulative reps of the three movements across the five rounds went 75-75-73-68-71, their score would be 68 reps. Athletes can keep a running count from their kettlebell swings to calories on the bike to make counting an easier task during the workout. The weight on the kettlebell should be something that athletes are capable of holding on to for 25+ unbroken repetitions when fresh. Is short on bikes, stagger heats by two minutes. If unable to use bikes, substitute 1 minute of rowing or 10 meter shuttle runs.


1000m Run (Time)

2.5 laps

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