Thursday, May 17

Line Drills 200 Meter Run Quad Stretch Knee to Chest Solider Kicks Knuckle Drags Side Lunge Cradle Stretch Walking Samson Walking Spidermans Walkouts Toe Walk Heel Walk Side Shuffle High Knees Butt Kickers

Bench Press (10-8-6-4-2)

10 Reps @ 76% 8 Reps @ 81% 6 Reps @ 85% 4 Reps @ 89% 2 Reps @ 94% Rest 2-3 minutes between sets.

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

Class Divides into 2 Teams: 3 Rounds: Team 1: Double Under (Team Score) Team 2: 400 Meter Prowler Push (90/55) If Teams of 2-4 Each: 1 Skipper + 1 Prowler If Teams of 5-7 Each: 2-3 Skippers + 2 Prowlers If Teams 8-10 Each: 4 Skippers + 2 Prowlers

Today we will randomly divide the class into two teams. The workout involves two stations: a Double Under station and a prowler push station. Team 1 will begin on the Double Under and try and accumulate as many Double Unders as possible, picking a number of allowed skippers with some resting, then switch out as you see fit. The other team is out pushing prowler sleds for 400 meters. The weight on the sled should be a moderate load that allows teams to run, but not light enough where they easily sprint. As with the Double Under station the team on the sled may break up the 400 meters as they see fit, even having multiple athletes pushing one sled at the same time. Once the team with the sled returns and is fully inside the gym together, teams will switch stations. Each team will Double Under and push the sled three times a piece, with one score being total number of cumulative Double Unders across the three rounds and a separate score below for your teams overall time

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