Friday, April 20


Line Drills 200 Meter Run Quad Stretch Knee to Chest Solider Kicks Knuckle Drags Side Lunge Cradle Stretch Walking Samson Walking Spidermans Walkouts Toe Walk Heel Walk 3 Air Squats + Broad Jump High Knees Butt Kickers Skip for Height Skip for Distance

Pause Front Squat

Weightlifting Minutes 0:00 – 4:00 – Heavy Pause Front Squat Minutes 4:00 – 8:00 – Heavy Hang Squat Clean Minutes 8:00 – 10:00 – Heavy Squat Clean

Hang Squat Clean

Min 4-8

Squat Cleans (Min 8-10)

Tempo Front Squats

Tempo Front Squat On the Minute x 10 – 1 Tempo Front Squat 5 seconds to bottom, followed by a 1 second pause. All repetitions taken from the rack.

Metcon (Time)

"Surfer on Acid” 3 Rounds: 400 Meter Run or 500m Row 21 Burpees

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

Age-Group Online Qualifier #3 Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: 50 wall-ball shots (20/14) 100 double-unders 50-ft. handstand walk 100 double-unders 50-cal. row 100 double-unders 50-ft. handstand walk 100 double-unders

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