Wednesday, April 18

:30 Seconds Easy Row Push-up to Down Dog Medium Row Active Spidermans Faster Row Active Samson Short Hurdle Warm-up Lateral Shuffle Forward and Back Shuffle Two Feet In Lateral (Both Directions) Two Feet In Front Facing Two Feet Hops Front Facing Single Leg Hops Front Facing (Both Legs) Bear Crawl

Double Unders & HSPU (AMRAP - Reps)

Alternating On the Minute x 12 (6 Rounds): Odd Minutes – 50 Double Unders Even Minutes – Handstand Push-ups Will be repeating same benchmark next week. Modify Double Unders to number you can achieve in 50 Seconds or less.

Rx+ Strict HSPU Same as last week. Aim to improve

"Full Circle" (No Measure)

Not For Time: 1500 Meter Row 35 Burpees over Rower (Lateral) 50 10m Shuttle Runs or 50/35 Calorie Bike 35 Burpees over Rower (Lateral) 1500 Meter Row

Metcon (No Measure)

1 Round, Not for Time: 35 GHD Sit-Ups 1 Minute L-Sit (Accumulated) 35 GHD Sit-Ups

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