Wednesday, January 4

KB Complex-1 (1 EMOTM x 5min)

4 Single Arm KBS (Left) + 4 Single Arm KBS (Right) + 8 R.KBS

Bench Press (1 x 2)

''Bench Press Waveload'' -4 mins running clock warm-up to your 70% Bench Press then -Bench Press waveload of: 5,4,3,2,2,2,2,2 reps EMOM for 8 rounds work begins -Your first set of 5 is going to be 75% 1RM Bench Press. With each set you'll increase the weight %5. -Plate change has to be done in that 1 min time frame *CHECK YOUR PERCENTAGES BEFOREHAND!!! -When you reach your 90-95% finish the remaining sets of 2's at the same wt. Reps should be STRONG&CONSISTENT

Metcon (Time)

3 RFT 20 Calorie Row 30 DU 15 Goblet Squats(50/30) 30 DU 20 KB Snatches(*Alt. hands every 5 reps) 30 DU 15 KBS

Rx+ Damper@10, (60/04), (135/93) Scale DU w/ x2 Singles KB Snatches w/ KB Push Press.

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