Friday, October 14

Halting Clean Grip Deadlift (1 x 3)

*Pull the barbell/weight to the power position with a upright torso/perfect form.

- Work your way up to a heavy set of 3 in 8 mins Time Cap -Focus on strong positioning at High Hang/Power position with each rep. *The halting clean deadlift is a pull variation that stops short of full extension at the top to strengthen and reinforce the position of the lifter over the bar during the pull of the clean.

Clean and Jerk (1 x 1)

*In 12 mins Time Cap work your way up to a HEAVY set of Clean&Jerk 3 reps @ 60% 2 reps @ 70% 2 reps @ 75% 1 rep 80% 1 rep 85-90% 1RM Clean and Jerk *Scaling option: If you can't perform Full Snatches, perform Power Clean and Jerk.

Metcon (Time)

Partner Wod For Time 50 KB Snatches(60/40) 2K Row(Switch every 500m) 100 R.KBS(60/40) 2K Row 50 KB Snatches *Switch arms every 5 reps

Rx+ (70/50), Damper@10 *Scale KB Snatches w/ KB Push Press

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