Friday, August 26

Stages of Mobility(Short Version)

9 Mins Mobility Stopwatch will be set for 18 rounds of (20 sec on:10 sec rest) -6 rounds on each station. -Skills that don't require switching will be done 6 rounds straight. 1) ''Sink in between the shoulders''. Either on the wall or by using a box. 2) Roller foam = Lower back and Thoracic spine stretch. 3) Barbell mashing on hip flexors/ quads / IT bands / around the knee caps(3 rounds on each leg)

Clean & Jerk Complex-4 (Crossfit Crosscheck) (1 EMOTM x 5 min)

2 Squat Cleans + 1 Push/Split Jerk

Warm-up and start working at 75% 1 RM Clean and Jerk - Increase weight 5-10lbs each set only with SUCCESSFUL reps

Metcon (Distance)

In teams of 2 -Partner 1 starts on the rower while partner 2 completes 43 Abmats, once Abmats are completed the partners will switch. -Both Partners will do Abmats, Pull-ups, Deadlifts, Push-ups once Continue this pattern with 43 Abmats 43 Pull-ups 43 Deadlifts (135/95) 43 HR Push-ups *Score meters rowed

Rx+ Damper@10, V-ups, C2B, (155/103), HSPU(Kip allowed) Scale Pull-ups w/ Jumping Pull-ups/Banded Pull-ups/Ring rows

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