Thursday, August 18

3 Position Snatch Pull (1 x 3)

Lift weight off ground 1cm, pause, below the knee, pause, above the knee, pause and then stand up fully extend the hips pulling the elbows up and back

Work your way up to a HEAVY SET OF 3 only with good form!

Extended Snatch Warmup (Pull Emphasis) (5 x 1)

Pull to Below Knees Pull to Above Knees Pull to high Hang Over Pull to high Pull Pull to Muscle Snatch *(5 X through warm up with empty bar only!)

Snatch (1 x 2) -Build a HEAVY SET OF 2 Snatch. -Touch and go reps is RECOMMENDED! Rep scheme to build a heavy set of 2 60% x 3 reps 70% x 2 reps 75% x 2 reps 80% x 2 rep Depending on the efficiency with the previous sets; 85-90% x 2 reps to finish your work

Metcon (Time)

For Time 400 m Run 21-15-9 KBS(50/30) Goblet Squats(50/30) 400 m Run

Rx+ 60/40

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