Tuesday, August 16

Static Core

2 rds :45 on :15 off Plank Left Plank Right Plank Table Top

Stages of Mobility(Short Version)

9 Mins Mobility Stopwatch will be set for 18 rounds of (20 sec on:10 sec rest) -6 rounds on each station. -Skills that don't require switching will be done 6 rounds straight. 1) ''Sink in between the shoulders''. Either on the wall or by using a box. 2) Roller foam = Lower back and Thoracic spine stretch. 3) Barbell mashing on hip flexors/ quads / IT bands / around the knee caps(3 rounds on each leg)

3k Partner Row (Time)

Switch every 500m

- While one partner is rowing other partner is going to work on mobility drills

Clean and Jerk (1 x 2)

10 min AMRAP -In 10 mins TC build a HEAVY SET OF 2 Clean&Jerk. -Touch and go reps is RECOMMENDED! Rep scheme to build a heavy set of 2 60% x 3 reps 70% x 2 reps 75% x 2 reps 80% x 2 rep Depending on the efficiency with the previous sets; 85-90% x 2 reps to finish your work.

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