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At CrossFit Crosscheck we believe it is never too young to start exercising. Children nowadays have a much different, more sedentary childhood than we did when we were kids. Playing tag and running around outside have been replaced by video games and sitting on the couch for hours on end.

And because of this we are seeing things we have never seen before in children which include obesity and diabetes, two things that used to be only found in Adults.

Chances are you the parent already know about the great overall health benefits that come with be a member of CrossFit Crosscheck. Now it’s time to give our kids those same health and fitness benefits!

Our Kid’s Fitness program is for children ages 5-13 years old and designed to introduce your child to exercise in a fun, never boring environment. Taught by Certified Personal Trainer and CrossFit L1 coaches here at CrossFit Crosscheck, our program will leave your kids feeling sweaty and excited about exercise!

Here are just some of the great benefits of Crosscheck Kids

Instructor led workouts

Games that get your child moving

CrossFit style movements taught in a kid-safe way

Improved self-confidence after every class

Fun, Supportive Atmosphere

Much more!


Whether you Son/Daughter is looking to get moving or maybe they need to improve their fitness for an upcoming sport, our Bootcamp for Kid’s program will give them a head start in their fitness. Don’t you wish you had this when you were a kid?

Monthly Rate - $120/month

10 Class Pass $120

Drop in $20




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Mississauga, Ontario

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