Thursday, August 29

Activation 600m Run :45 seconds per movement below Active Spiderman Active Samson Low Squat Hold Toe Touch (Maintain neutral spine, don't round back) Downward Dog / Pike Hold Upward Dog Pigeon Pose Shoulder to Floor Bench Press (6 x 10) The Bar should be roughly 60% of your 1RM for all 6 sets of today's 6 x 10 Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds) 3 Rounds 1:00min ON :30 OFF Double Unders Toes to Bar Dball over Shoulder Handstand Pushups (Kip or Strict) Box Jumps Sled Push *No score for todays wod, just simply entering rounds completed. A good day to work technique on each movement. Scaling Options: Double Unders - Single Unders Toes to Bar - Knees to Elbows with a proper consistent

Wednesday, August 28

Back on the barbell today as we repeat some snatch skill work and stamina from last week. After the snatch sessions, we'll ditch the barbell for a dumbbell as we complete a big two-part workout. Finishing the day back on the barbell with some more barbell stamina, this time with the deadlift. Mobility - Athletes can complete prior to class Pigeon Stretch: 2 Minutes Each Side - Medball Thoracic Opener: 2-3 Minutes - Straddle Stretch: 2 Minutes - ACTIVATION 2 Rounds: 1 Minute Row 1 Minute Spiderman + Reach 1 Minute Samson Stretch 2 Rounds: 20 Second Handstand Hold 15 PVC Pass Throughs 10 PVC

Tuesday, August 27

No barbell today as we focus our attention on gymnastics and conditioning. Adding 10% to the ring muscle-up conditioning piece from last week to start things out. Completing a beefed up version of a CompTrain benchmark workout in "Cement Truck". Finishing the day with a recovery effort on the bike. MOBILITY - Athlete can complete before class Pike Stretch: 2 Minutes - Puppy Pose: 2 Minutes - Banded Shoulder Distraction: 1-2 Minutes Each Side - ACTIVATION 2 Rounds: 25 Second Superman Hold 200 Meter Run 15 AbMat Sit-ups 10 Ring Rows 5 Walkouts Metcon (AMRAP - Reps) 5 Rounds: 300 Meter Row +

Monday, August 26

Returning to our 3-6 repetition scheme for Stamina Squats for these last two weeks, now with percentages seen on our 2-4 sessions. Leading us to our Workout of the day a simple and effective couplet of thrusters and kettlebell swings. Finishing out the day with with some overhead skill work - which includes dumbbell overhead walking lunges and strict handstand push-ups. Mobility - Athletes can complete before class Couch Stretch: 2-3 Minutes Each Side Ankle Dorsiflexion: 2 Minutes Each Side Barbell Thoracic Opener: 2-3 Minutes ACTIVATION 21-15-9 Calorie Row Glute Bridges Russian Kettlebell Swings (Light Weight) 15-12-9 Kettlebell Goblet Squats (Light Weight) Reverse Lunges

Sunday, August 25

2 Rounds 200m Run 10 Squats 10 Lunge Steps 10 Pushups 10 Ring Rows 10 Step Ups Metcon (Time) For Time: 40-30-20-10 Kettle Bell Swing Goblet Squat Box Jump Burpees Dumbell Snatch Situps *After Each Round run 200m or 400m #oakvillecrossfit #mississaugacrossfit #gymsnearme #gymnearme #crosscheckcrossfit #workout #wod #mississauga #teamcrosscheck #crossfitcrosscheck #crossfit #crossfitcrosscheckmississauga #crossfitinmississauga #torontocrossfit #toronto #personaltraining #crossfit #crossfitnearme #crossfitmississauga #gym

Saturday, August 24

Setting the tone for a big clean and jerk day with a technique complex to start things out. After that we move into the 3rd iteration of "Beast Builder" barbell cycling. Rounding things out with a big chipper workout. You have the option to complete this as an individual or as a team. MOBILITY - Athlete can complete before class Pigeon Stretch: 2-3 Minute Each Side - Puppy Pose: 2 Minutes - Kneeling Split: 2 Minutes Each Side - ACTIVATION 2 Rounds: 200 Meter Run 15 Calorie Bike 10 Glute Bridges 5 Walkouts Front Squat + Jerk Complex (5 x 4) On the 2:00 x 5 Sets: 1 Pausing Front Squat 1 Pausin

Friday, August 23

Repeating some Snatch Technique work to start out the day. This snatch technique work leads us into a fun chipper-style workout that includes 30 snatches to cap things off. Finally, trying to best out effort from a couple weeks back on a sled push and row combo. Mobility - *Athletes Can complete on their own before class Ankle Dorsiflexion: 2 Minutes Each Side- Couch Stretch: 2-3 Minutes Each Side- Banded Shoulder Distraction: 2 Minutes Each Side- ACTIVATION 2 Rounds: 250 Meter Row 15 Slow Air Squats 10 PVC Pass Throughs 5 Strict Pull-ups 2 Rounds: 30 Seconds Banded Pull-Aparts 30 Seconds

Thursday, August 22

Activation 400m Run Active Spiderman (5 per side) Active Samson (5 per side) Low Squat Hold (:45 seconds) Downward Dog (:45 seconds) Upward Dog (:45 seconds) Lynne (AMRAP - Reps) 5 Rounds for Max Reps of: Bodyweight Bench Press Pull-ups Crossfit Benchmark Wod "Lynne" *There is no time component on this Wod. We will Set a 18 Minute Cap for the day. Bodyweight Bench *Scale if needed to 80% Bodyweight down to the % needed to aim for at least 3-5 reps per round Pullups Any form of pullup can be used, kipping, butterfly. Scale with Banded Strict Pullup / practice kipping Metcon (No Measure) 2 Rounds :40on :20 off Row Skip Situp Step-up / Box Jump Hand Release Pushup Ring R

Wednesday, August 21

Working through 3 pieces today: 1. Skill Work 2. Interval Work 3. Accessory Work The main focus is the handstand walk in the not for time triplet that starts things off. A fast paced repeat workout, "Frank the Tank", sits right in the middle. Finishing out the day with some midline work that includes L-Sits and Tempo Hip Extensions. Mobility - Athlete can complete before class Pigeon Stretch: 2-3 Minutes Each Side Medball Thoracic Opener: 2-3 Minutes Handstand Hold Stretch: 1-2 Minutes ACTIVATION 2 Rounds: 200 Meter Run 15 Glute Bridges 10 Russian Baby Makers 5 Spiderman + Reach (Each Side) 20 Each Medicine Ball Deadlifts Medicne Ball Strict Press Medicine Ball Slams

Tuesday, August 20

Big upper body focus today, as we start the day off with some lower intensity muscle-up skill work. After that, we'll repeat a strength session from last week. Looking to best our effort from last Tuesday on Strict Press. Dialing in the dip and the drive of the push press in a technique piece to follow. Finishing out the day with a longer, high-rep workout in "30 Rock". Mobility - Athlete Can complete before class Barbell Thoracic Opener: 2 Minutes Laying Front Rack Stretch: 2 Minutes Pike Stretch: 2-3 Minutes 2 Rounds: 300 Meter Row 15 AbMat Sit-ups 5 Inchworms 2 Rounds: 10 Ring Rows 10 Russian Kettlebell Swings 10 Kettlebell Strict Press (5 Each Side) *Performed with

Monday, August 19

Week 8 of "Sled Dog" kicks off with another week of Stamina Squats, increasing 3% from last week. Going lighter following the squats with some snatch technique work. This technique work leads up into our 3rd iteration of "On the Minute" Squat Snatches. Finishing the day out with a fast paced bodyweight burner. Mobility - Athlete Can Complete before class Back Squat Hold: 1-2 Minutes Front Squat Hold: 1-2 Minutes Overhead Squat Hold: 1-2 Minutes ACTIVATION 1 Round: 50 Single Unders 250 Meter Row 200 Meter Run 20 Each PVC Pass Throughs PVC Sotts Press PVC Overhead Squats Stamina Squats 2s&4s (6 x 2&4) Alternating On the Minute x 12 (6 Rounds): 2 Front Squat 4 Back Squat

Sunday, August 18

Warmup 2:00min Light Row 1:00min Rest - Spiderman Stretch :30 L/R) 2:00min Light Biike 1:00min Rest - Samson Stretch :30 L/R 2:00min Light Run 1Min Rest - Banded Good Mornings 2:00min Skip Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps) 30 Min Amrap Row/Run 400m 30 Wall Balls 150 Single Unders 30 HR Pushups Row/Run 400m 30 Box Jumps 150 Singles or Doubles 30 Pullups Row/Run 400m 30 Toes to Bar 150 Single Unders 30 Kettle Bell Swings 400m run = 4 reps #oakvillecrossfit #gymsnearme #mississaugacrossfit #gymnearme #crosscheckcrossfit #workout #wod #mississauga #teamcrosscheck #crossfitcrosscheck #crossfit #crossfitcrosscheckmississauga #crossfitinmississauga #torontocrossfit #toronto #perso

Saturday, August 17

Finishing out this week with a good amount of upper body skill work and conditioning. Getting upside down to start things out with a handstand walk benchmark. We'll then support a barbell overhead for overhead walking lunges. Finishing things out with a longer chipper-style workout that includes running, chest to bar pull-ups, and overhead squats. 2 Rounds: 200 Meter Run 15 PVC Pass Throughs 10 PVC Overhead Squats 5 Push-ups 5 Pullups Barbell Warmup 5 Good Mornings 5 Back Squats 5 Elbow Rotations 5 Strict Press and Reach 5 Romanian Deadlifts 5 Front Squats Handstand Walk - 200m (Time) For Time (5 Minute Time Cap): 200' Handstand Walk Short Steps Handstand walking is

Friday, August 16

Big deadlift and odd-object day coming off yesterday's recovery. Starting with some percentage work on the deadlift before cycling a heavier bar within "Hangnail" It's about control in the midline piece to finish out the day. 2 Rounds: 20 Banded Good Mornings (Light Tension) 15 Calorie Bike 10 Light Single Arm Dumbbell Strict Press (5 Each Side) 5 Inchworms Barbell Warmup 5 Good Mornings 5 Back Squats 5 Elbow Rotations 5 Strict Press & Reach 5 Romanian Deadlifts 5 Front Squats Deadlift (3-1-3-1-3-1) 3 Reps @ 70% 1 Rep @ 75% 3 Reps @ 70% 1 Rep @ 80% 3 Reps @ 70% 1 Rep @ 85% Alternating between sets of 3 at 70% and increasingly heavy single deadlifts (75-80-85%) 6 tot

Thursday, August 15

Abmat Pizza Game Play for the duration of one or two songs. ACTIVATION 3:00 Min Bike/Run/Row/Skip Line Drills Active Spiderman Active Samson Quad Stretch Knee to Chest Solider Kicks Knuckle Drags Side Lunge Cradle Stretch Walkouts 2 Air Squats + Broad Jump High Knees Butt Kickers Skip for Height Bench Press (5-4-3-2-1) Warmup to 75% for 1st set of 5. Increase Weight each set as reps go down. Go for a 1 Rep Heavy for the Day. Metcon (AMRAP - Reps) EMOM 25: Double Tabata (40 Seconds On / 20 Seconds Off): Minute 1: Machine Calories Minute 2: Farmers Carry Minute 3: Sled Push Minute 4: Tire Flip Minute 5: Burpee **EXTRA** Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds) 3 Rounds: 200 Meter Run

Wednesday, August 14

Going from a pretty big upper body focus yesterday to a fairly lower body focused workout today. Plenty of work on the barbell, with the clean being the main priority. Three separate pieces including the clean: 1. Technique 2. Barbell Cycling 3. Triplet Conditioning Rounding out the day with a quality Body Armour session. 500 Meter Row 400 Meter Run 2 Rounds: 30 Seconds Samson Stretch 15 Glute Bridges 30 Seconds Cossack Squats 15 Air Squats Barbell Warmup 5 Good Mornings 5 Back Squats 5 Elbow Rotations 5 Strict Press and Reach 5 Romanian Deadlifts 5 Front Squats Barbell Cycling Squat Cleans (Time) For Time: 10 Squat Cleans (45%) 8 Squat Cleans (55%) 6 Squat Clean

Tuesay, August 13

Big upper body focus today on both gymnastics and weightlifting. Working on gymnastics efficiency with a complex conditioning piece to start. After that we'll press some heavy weight vertically and horizontally with the strict press and bench press. A tabata style press and pull workout to follow up the strength work. Finishing out the day with a lot of folding over, as GHD Sit-ups are paired with Inchworms in a not for time midline piece. 2 Rounds: 1 Minute Assault Bike 5 Walkouts 15 Second Superman Hold 2 Rounds: 20 AbMat Sit-ups 15 Air Squats 10 Push-ups 5 Strict Pull-ups Barbell Warmup 5 Good Mornings 5 Back Squats 5 Elbow Rotations 5 Strict Press & Reach 5 Roma

Monday, August 12

Kicking off week 2 of the new look stamina squats today, increasing the load by 3%. Two types of snatches to follow. We'll dial in the receiving position on the barbell by pausing for 3 seconds in the catch during our technique work. Carrying that positioning over to the heavier dumbbell snatches taking place in our conditioning piece, "Hit and Run". 2 Rounds: 200 Meter Run 5 Russian Baby Makers 10 Warrior Squats 5 Inchworms Barbell Warmup 5 Good Mornings 5 Back Squats 5 Elbow Rotations 5 Strict Press & Reach 5 Romanian Deadlifts 5 Front Squats Stamina Squats 2s&4s (Emom 12) Alternating On the Minute x 12 (6 Rounds): 2 Front Squat 4 Back Squats Barbell: 75% of Rep Max B

Sunday, August 11

Activation 2 Rounds Row 500m 25 Situps 20 Air Squats 15 Pushups 10 Ring Rows The Fire 2rds (:45 on :15 off) Plank Hollow Rock Hold Russian Twist V-Ups Helen (Time) 3 Rounds for time of: 400m Run 21 Kettlebell Swings, 53# / 35# 12 Pull-ups

Saturday, August 10

Finishing out the week of training with some heavy barbells and longer grunt work. The heavy set of 10 thruster gets us ready to cycle heavier thrusters in "31 Heroes" "31 Heroes" is a Hero Workout that we'll complete annually in August. Activation: 2 Rounds: 30 Seconds Active Samson 30 Seconds Spiderman + Reach 30 Seconds Walkouts 30 Seconds Cossack Squats 2 Rounds: 100 Meter Run 10 Lateral Box Step-ups (Each Leg) 10 Glute Bridges (2 Second Pause at Top) 10 Slow Air Squats Barbell Warmup 5 Good Mornings 5 Back Squats 5 Elbow Rotations 5 Strict Press & Reach 5 Romanian Deadlifts 5 Front Squats Thruster (3x5,3x10) Build to Heavy 10-Rep Thrusters Warmup Sets 3 Sets o




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